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Bankas SNORAS again increases interest rates on deposits
From 10 December this year, Bankas SNORAS once again increased the annual interest on time deposits in Litas and Euros for private and business customers. Bank SNORAS pays one the highest interests on the time deposits in Litas in the market - from 5.0 up to 6.7%, and on deposits in Euros - from 4.30 up to 5.95%. The last time Bank SNORAS increased the interest on time deposits on 17 October.  

For the current bank customers, who have extended 3-year or longer duration time deposits, according to the loyalty programme, bank SNORAS adds to the increased interest additional interest in the amount of 0.2%, and for the customers, who have made a new time deposit agreement before 31 December this year, - additional 0.1% interest. 

The customers of bank SNORAS will receive 5.5% for the 6-month time deposit in Litas and 6.0% interest - for one year deposit. For the extended time deposits of the same duration in Litas, the customers of bank SNORAS receive 5.7 and 6.2% respectively.

The maximum 6.7% interest on time deposit in Litas may be received by those current customers of bank SNORAS who extend their time deposit of any duration for another 5 years.

Bank SNORAS interest rate on time deposits in Euros makes up 4.75% for the 6-month time deposit (those who have extended the deposit get 4.95%) and for one year deposit - 5.25% (those who have extended the deposit get 5.45%).

"Taking into consideration the escalating inflation, we aspire to create such conditions for our customers through which saving up funds in the deposits would provide them with as much return as possible. We devote a lot of attention to the loyal customers who can benefit from even higher interest rates and special privileges in Bank SNORAS," - Neringa Ivanauskienė, Director of the Retail Banking Department of Bankas SNORAS, states.

The customers keeping deposits in bank SNORAS also get 50% discount on commissions when paying for municipal, telecommunication and other services by any payment card of bank SNORAS.  Moreover, the depositors of the bank may obtain free of charge VISA Electron debit payment card and Snoro lizingas/MAXIMA card, which grants valuable discounts in MAXIMA trade network and in the partnership points of sale.  

It is also possible to save up in pounds sterling and US dollars on the time deposit in bank SNORAS. 4.10-5.25% of annual interest is paid on the deposits in pounds sterling, and 4.0-6.0% of annual interest - on the deposit in US dollars.

As of 1 November this year, the residents' deposits entrusted to bank SNORAS made up LTL 2,155 bln - i.e. 35% more than within the same period last year when the deposit portfolio amounted to LTL 1.6 bln.

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