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Ferrari car of the professional pilots’ team sponsored by bank SNORAS has reached Lithuania
On the 11th of December in Vilnius "Marino" restaurant located in "Vilnius vartai" bank SNORAS partners and customers were introduced to the Ferrari car in which the professional pilots' team sponsored by the bank competed down all this year in the world Ferrari Challenge championship  and Le Mano 24-hours race. SNORAS Bank MenX Team acting on behalf of bank SNORAS with this car for the first time represented our country in the motoring events popular all over the world.

„We are proud of having an opportunity for the first time to represent bank SNORAS and the whole country in the exclusive events. Thanks to the team we have sponsored, we could plant the Lithuanian tricolor for the first time in the history of Le Mano races, whereas participation in Ferrari Challenge championship let us to introduce the name of bank SNORAS not only to the business community, but also to the gourmands of motoring", - maintains the president of Bankas SNORAS Raimondas Baranauskas.

According to R. Baranauskas, bank SNORAS group carrying out international development and participating in the dynamic financial markets, by sponsoring professional auto-racing helps to make the wider circle of potential bank customers acquainted with the bank's name on the international markets.

„The qualities required in any professional car race: speed, accuracy and orientation perfectly reflect those advantages of bank SNORAS which help to consolidate positions of the bank in the Lithuanian corporate banking segment as well ", - says R. Baranauskas.

Bankas SNORAS became participant of the Ferrari Challenge tournament in 2007 after it began sponsoring SNORAS bank MenX Team. This crew is made of two experienced racers - pilot Aleksej Vasiljev, having the international driving license issued by the Lithuanian Federation of Automobile Sport, and his team-friend Robert Pergl. SNORAS bank MenX Team crew has participated in the seven  stages of Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli - Europe races in Europe, which  take place on the most significant circumferential world tracks: Monza, Misano and Mugello (Italy), Silverstone (Great Britain), Spa (Belgium), Paul Ricard (France) and Hockeinheim (Germany).

This year the final stage of the Ferrari Challenge race took place on the 25th-29th of October in Italy, on the spectacular Mugello track. 30 thousand viewers and Ferrari car admirers gathered that weekend in Florence region, where the strongest pilots and among them SNORAS bank MenX Team sponsored by bank SNORAS fought.

Bank SNORAS customers and employees also supported SNORAS bank MenX Team sponsored by bank SNORAS in the final stage. Bank SNORAS furnished three families of its customers from Klaipėda, Vilnius and Šiauliai, which had acquired the bank consumer loans without collateral in autumn, with the opportunity to watch the Ferrari Challenge tournament.

The family of Andrej Kuzmin - the resident of Vilnius, with a small daughter, the resident of Klaipėda Edgaras Vaitkus and his wife as well as the resident of Šiauliai Virginijus Savickas with his girl-friend were the ones who enjoyed the journey. The most passionate fan of bank SNORAS team became the nine years old Anastasija Kuzminaitė, which used to watch the competition adorned by the emblem of this team.

Four customer service specialists who had reached the best results in selling consumer loans: Lolita Kurklietienė working in Vilnius branch, the resident of Šiauliai Gintarė Taralienė, the resident of Utena Liudmila Sevastjanova and the resident of Alytus Dalė Miškinienė also joined bank SNORAS group on their journey to Italy.

Summing up the results of all the seven Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli stages which took place in Europe, in the main standings A.Vasiljev who had scored 142 points got the eighth place, whereas R.Pergl who had scored 54 points remained fifteenth. Altogether 38 sportsmen have participated in the Europe racing series.

„Ferrari Challenge" - is an international auto-racing championship divided into separate European, Italian and USA series. The participants of the Ferrari Challenge races compete under the conditions of especially fierce competition, because the goal of this competition is to preserve the old spirit of races when the results are determined by mastership of pilots and not by technical assistance and modern technologies. The crews compete against each other on identical and powerful Ferrari 430 cars. No modifications of these models are allowed in the championship except for the necessary technical maintenance - change of wasted or spoilt parts.

Equal technical capabilities and even the same fuel create the show full of tension and adrenalin, where the victory is conditioned by the skills of drivers and professionalism of the handling crew.

More detailed information on Ferrari Challenge racing:

Bank SNORAS president
President of Bankas SNORAS Raimondas Baranauskas next to "Ferrari 430" car, which participates in "Ferrari Challenge" race with "SNORAS Bank MenX Team"

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