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Bankas SNORAS group signed the agreement about preliminary intentions with Spyker Cars N.V. – the manufacturer of deluxe automobiles
On December 11, Bankas SNORAS group signed the agreement about preliminary intentions concerning possible investments into Spyker Cars N.V. - the Dutch producer of luxurious sport cars. Bank SNORAS group can obtain up to 29.9% of Spyker Cars N. V. authorised capital.

"We estimate that the investments into the manufacturer of deluxe cars, which is considered to be the standard of the highest quality, hand-craftsmanship, exceptional design and particularly powerful technical features in the market, will be promising and capable of granting mutual benefit. We are having negotiations with Spyker Cars N.V. company trusting that the investments into this enterprise can elevate it even to a higher level. Bank SNORAS group hopes to be a trustworthy financial partner of Spyker Cars N.V. company," - stated Naglis Stancikas, Bankas SNORAS Vice President and Director of Financial Division, states.

Spyker Cars, the manufacturer of luxurious sport cars, was founded back in 1880, and in 1914, when this company merged with the Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V., Spyker Cars N.V. company was established. The manufacturing experience of sport cars and airplanes, which was inherited from two different companies, resulted in Spyker automobiles whose design is heavily influenced by airplanes and specific aerodynamic features.

While following the old traditions, in Spyker cars manufacturing, enormous attention is devoted to hand-craftsmanship, and special bespoke materials are used for the car production. Spyker Cars N.V. automobiles are designed for those people who want to purchase the top class vehicle that meets their individual requirements. In 1898, Spyker manufactured the legendary Golden Carriage automobile which is used by the Queen of the Netherlands even nowadays.

The Dutch company Spyker Cars N.V. participates in various professional races, including Formula-1, 24-hour Le Mano races, and other. Spyker Cars N.V. company continually utilizes the experience derived from the professional car sport while perfecting the manufactured automobiles.   


Spyker C12 Zegato  Spyker design   
Spyker C12 Zegato                                                    Spyker delux design (Source:             

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