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Bank SNORAS has been operating in Tauragė region 10 years already
Bankas SNORAS Tauragė branch, which will celebrate its anniversary of 10 years‘ activity on the 19th of December 2007, is one of the leading banks in the region. Bank SNORAS managing eight subdivisions in Tauragė district takes over 40 % of the market share of credits to natural persons and the fifth part of the market share of credits to legal persons.

„The leading positions of bank SNORAS in Tauragė region are secured by exclusive attention to customers, flexible and operative approach to their needs and convenient location of the customer service subdivisions. In the coming year we will offer the residents of Tauragė and other residents of this region new products and will expand the customer service network. We hope to continue earning trust of this region‘s customers which has been acquired within the decade", - maintains director Ramūnas Šniepis who has been managing Bankas SNORAS Tauragė branch for almost eight years.

According to R. Šniepis, the customers return and bring round new customers to bank SNORAS Tauragė branch being sure that in this bank they will not only get a necessary product, but also individual consultation and personal help of bank employees in tackling financial matters.

„In servicing our customers we pursue to do more than we are expected of - we help to put in order the documents to the business and private customers drawing upon a credit and for those interested in our other products we create conditions for choosing the optimum alternative", - states R. Šniepis.

Bank SNORAS Tauragė branch achieved especially good results this year. Within the period of eleven months of this year the credits granted by bank SNORAS Tauragė branch grew by more than 40 % and as of 11 November this year amounted to LTL 127,5 million.

In this region bank SNORAS is the first according to the portfolio of credits granted to natural persons and takes about 43 % of the market share of credits to natural persons. There is also a rapid increase in the portfolio of credits granted to business customers, according to which bank SNORAS Tauragė branch takes over 23 % of the market share. The deposits of Tauragė region‘s residents entrusted with bank SNORAS within eleven months of this year grew by about 13 % and as of 1 November this year made up almost LTL 63 million.

Altogether 8 subdivisions belong to bank SNORAS Tauragė branch: a branch and 2 minibanks in Tauragė town and one minibank in each of the following towns: Pagėgiai, Šilalė, Skuodvilė, Raseiniai and Jurbarkas. 9 ATMS set up in convenient places operate in Tauragė region. Bank SNORAS Tauragė branch currently comprising 32 employees provide services to more than 15 thousand of customers.

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