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Independent researchers assessed Bankas SNORAS E-Banking services
On December 17 this year, in the report of Baltic E-Banking Report, Bankas SNORAS was awarded the fifth place among all commercial banks operating in Lithuania. In the survey, this year Bank SNORAS was distinguished in his highly improved reaction towards customers' requests submitted on-line: in this category the bank rose from the seventh place to the second. The place granted to Bank SNORAS this year is by three positions higher than last year.

The report of Baltic E-Banking Report was prepared by the consultancy company Metasite Business Solutions UAB. During the research, 37 banks in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were being evaluated by more than 500 criteria within four main categories: functioning of E-Banking systems, clarity of E-Banking systems, convenience of electronic systems, reaction to customers' requests - how quickly and qualitatively banks respond to clients' requests submitted on-line.

"We are consistently working on expanding the package of services offered in the electronic space and improving the servicing of the Internet users, therefore we are elated that these efforts have been evaluated. Considering customers' demands, we always endeavour to quickly and accurately react to received requests, to provide them with all information they need not later than in 24 hours since the receipt of a request," - Neringa Ivanauskienė, Director of Bankas SNORAS Retail Banking Department, states.

According to N. Ivanauskienė, this year Bank SNORAS has been constantly developing the design of the website and the webpage of "Internet Bank +" E-Banking system while striving to improve the functioning of the system and to create the webpage's structure that would be convenient and attractive for users.

Presently the clients of Bank SNORAS E-Banking can make the agreement of time deposit on-line, block the lost payment cards and perform all main operations: to obtain information about money balances in the accounts and payment cards, to carry out domestic and international transfers, to pay taxes or fees to telecommunication, leasing, insurance companies, the providers of public services, to exchange currency. The clients of Bank SNORAS E-Banking can also connect to the electronic declaration system of State Tax Inspectorate, to the electronic service system of Centre of Registers, or to the portal "The Gateway to the E-Government".

E-Banking media are attractive because they allow performing financial operations at any time, from any place worldwide, and they are especially efficient and safe. Another advantage of E-Banking is that the majority of common banking operations can be performed free of charge or their costs are lower than those for the same services provided in the bank's subdivision.

Within the past twelve months, the number of users of Bank SNORAS E-Banking has increased by 58%.

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