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The number of Bankas SNORAS clients exceeded one million
At the end of the first quarter this year, every third resident of the country used Bankas SNORAS services - the bank provided services to a total of 1,018 million clients.
"The increase in the number of Bankas SNORAS customers reflects a consistent expansion strategy and stable trust towards the bank from the country's residents and business companies.
Within sixteen years of its activity, Bankas SNORAS became a large and important participant in the financial market of the country. The number of the clients that exceeded a million this year is truly an enormous achievement confirming the success of our business. We earned the trust of our customers by meeting their expectations and being the first to implement innovative service solutions; furthermore, having the most expansive service network in the country, we can be close to the clients in all Lithuanian regions. Without a shadow of doubt, the growing number of the clients is also the merit of all Bankas SNORAS employees", Raimondas Baranauskas, the President of Bankas SNORAS, states.
Bankas SNORAS developing the close bank philosophy for a long time gained a foothold not only in the retail banking sector. During the past twelve months, the number of Bankas SNORAS corporate clients increased drastically - on 1 April this year the bank's loan portfolio for legal entities amounted to LTL 1.6 billion and it was more than twice (118.9 per cent) or by LTL 0.89 billion larger than in the same period in 2007.
"We have achieved such successful results by having focused our attention on the segment of the business banking services. Having very solid positions in the sphere of the retail banking, we will endeavour to continue remaining the close bank to the residents and to consolidate the position of a reliable partner for corporate clients", R. Baranauskas maintains.
In the sector of the retail banking, Bankas SNORAS is distinguished for attractive products and the conditions of their provision: the bank constantly offers one of the highest interest rates for time deposits in the market, a wide range of residential loans, advanced and safe payment cards.
In the period of 2007 - 2008, Bankas SNORAS provided to residents quite many new and exclusive products in the market. In summer last year, the bank presented the flexible consumer loan that can be used in portions; in November 2007 it issued the first emission of bonds linked to the Russian RDX index. In March this year, the bank created an opportunity to utilize the first instant credit card „SNORAS SuperCard".
Bankas SNORAS clients have an opportunity to receive services in the most expansive customer service network in the country. Within the past year, Bankas SNORAS, taking into consideration the clients' needs, expanded its network by 16 new subdivisions - 4 of them are the branch outlets focused on providing services to the corporate clients. This year the entire network of Bankas SNORAS comprises 10 branches, 10 branch outlets, 231 savings divisions and 334 ATM machines.   


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