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AB Bank SNORAS will distribute savings bonds with the fixed 10 per cent interest rate
On 19 November - 18 December this year, AB Bank SNORAS will distribute one-year bonds with the fixed 10 per cent interest rate. Without forfeiting the earned interest, the investors will be able to sell these bonds to the bank for the prices established in advance.
"The one-year bonds of Bank SNORAS are a profitable and safe investment for the people who are not risk-prone and want to receive a larger return than the one obtained from saving in time deposits and also not to lose the opportunity to freely use their funds. This investment is flexible because the investor will be given the right for the early redemption with the established prices, and the bonds could be sold prior to the set term without forfeiting the 10 per cent of the earned annual interest," states Nila Pansevičiūtė, the director of AB Bank SNORAS Investment Product Sales Department.
The fixed Bank SNORAS bond redemption price is established for every week of the bond validity period. Such securities are attractive in the interest rise environment where, after selling the bonds for the fixed price, the acquired funds can be reinvested into the financial instruments earning higher interest.
The investors, having purchased Bank SNORAS bonds with the fixed 10 per cent interest rate, will be able to sell them to the bank even on 20 November - their first effective day. In this case, the investors would regain the nominal bond value and they would earn 10 per cent of the annual interest if they keep the bonds for at least a month.
Bank SNORAS bonds will be distributed without the purchase fee in all customer service subdivisions of the bank: in the branches, branch outlets and mini-banks. The nominal value of one bond or the minimum possible investment sum is 100 Litas. The discounted purchase price of the securities is established for the distribution period; therefore, the sooner the bonds are purchased the lower their price will be. The bond redemption term is scheduled for 21 December 2009.

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