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AB Bank SNORAS expands the network of the customer service subdivisions
During this year, AB Bank SNORAS opened 9 new subdivisions - the first branch outlet in Kaunas and 8 mini-banks in the regions of Kaunas, Klaipėda, Alytus, Šiauliai, and Utena. It is planned to open 2 more mini-banks before the end of this year.

"Being the first and the only to start establishing the mini-banks since 1996, today we can take pride in the most expansive customer service network in Lithuania comprising the branches, branch outlets and mini-banks. While establishing the new subdivisions of the bank or optimizing their geographic position, we seek to increase the activity efficiency. This year we opened the divisions of Kaunas Industrial Branch, relocated or opened new mini-banks, arranged multi-currency ATMs in all regional branches and branch outlets. Thanks to these efforts Bank SNORAS is even closer to its clients in all regions of the country," states Žoržas Šarafanovičius, AB Bank SNORAS deputy chairman of the Board, the director of Retail Business Division.

According to Ž. Šarafanovičius, seeking presently to optimize the geographical position of AB Bank SNORAS network, new, more appropriate places that are most convenient to the clients are selected for the mini Snoras banks. The mini-banks are opened in the densely populated zones, in the industrial and dormitory suburbs, the downtown areas, near large commercial locations - in all those places where it is convenient for the clients to use the banking services, it is easily accessible by the public transport or it is convenient for the clients to come on foot.

The mini-bank network is being actively optimized especially in Kaunas region. So that the customer service network of Kaunas branch would become more productive and effective, in autumn this year AB Bank SNORAS opened the first branch outlet in Kaunas. In the busy industrial district, in Taikos (Peace) prospect, the subdivision of the bank having opened its doors, first of all, satisfies the needs of the business companies and the inhabitants of the surrounding districts who densely populated this area. Also, in November, in a new place, AB Bank SNORAS mini-bank started its activity, which was established near "Maxima Bazė" trade centre (Veiverių pl.150 B). The Industrial Branch division and the mini-bank operating near "Maxima Bazė" complemented the largest customer service network of AB Bank SNORAS in Kaunas, which now consists of 39 subdivisions.

Last week AB Bank SNORAS Klaipėda branch, while improving the customer service network of the region, opened a new mini-bank in Gargždai (at the crossroads of Klaipėdos and Dariaus ir Girėno streets), near "Maxima XX" trade centre. This mini-bank expanded the customer service network of AB Bank SNORAS Klaipėda branch, which now comprises the regional branch, the branch outlet and 22 mini-banks in Klaipėda and in other cities and towns of the regions.

Natural and legal persons are provided with services in AB Bank SNORAS mini-banks, the fast daily banking services are rendered: payments are accepted, currency is exchanged, payment cards are ordered and issued - among them, SNORAS SuperCard is granted instantly, time deposits are also accepted, and other bank products are offered.

Presently the entire AB Bank SNORAS customer service network consists of 10 branches, 11 branch outlets, 230 mini-banks and 338 ATMs, 62 of them are multi-currency.

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