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For two years in a row Bank SNORAS has been among the best banks according to the Lithuanian commercial banks rating
In the Lithuanian commercial banks rating published in "Veidas" weekly, AB Bank SNORAS has been awarded the second place for two years in a row. The rated banks were assessed according to sixteen criteria which are significant for private clients: the number of the customer service subdivisions and ATMs, the customer service time, the interest rates of loans and deposits, commission fees for the services, etc.

Having started its activity sixteen years ago, Bank SNORAS has taken the leading position in retail banking on the Lithuanian market for quite a few years. Possessing the widest customer service subdivisions network that covers all regions of the country, the bank continues to expand it and improves the services provided to the residents.

During this year Bank SNORAS has opened 9 new subdivisions - the first branch outlet in Kaunas and 8 mini-banks in the regions of Kaunas, Klaipėda, Alytus, Šiauliai, and Utena. This year the bank devoted a lot of attention to optimizing the ATM network: multi-currency ATMs were installed in all regional branches and branch outlets of the bank. Presently the entire customer service network of Bank SNORAS consists of 10 regional branches of the bank, 11 branch outlets, 230 mini-banks and 338 ATMs - the fifth part of which are multi-currency. It is planned to enlarge the network by 2 more mini-banks before the end of the year.

This year Bank SNORAS has also expanded the spectrum of the investment products offered to residents. The bank has successfully distributed three bond emissions and currently the fourth emission of the flexible term bonds with 10 per cent annual interest rate is distributed till 18 December.

In the spring this year, Bank SNORAS was the first in the country to start issuing consumer loans to the residents via the automated FinMaster system which thoroughly assesses the client's credit risk. Having implemented this system, Bank SNORAS is the only bank in the country that can grant consumer loans not only fast - just in a few minutes' time - but also safely because the client's capabilities are evaluated in a very responsible manner.

Always providing residents with the one of the best deposit interest rates, Bank SNORAS presently pays to the private clients some of the most attractive interest rates on the market for the time deposits that stand at 8.7 per cent. The entire deposit value reaching 100 thousand Euros is forbidden in Bank SNORAS.

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