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The time deposit interest reaches 9 per cent in AB Bank SNORAS during the winter holidays period
If you sign 1-year time deposit agreement in Litas prior to 20 January 2009, AB Bank SNORAS will pay 8.7 per cent annual interest. The loyal clients of the bank receive even more: if they prolong the former time deposit in Litas of at least 1 month for any period of time, they will be paid 0.3 per cent higher interest. Therefore, after prolonging the former deposit in Litas for 1 year the interest will reach 9 per cent.

"Having assessed the predominant tendencies on the market, it is not difficult to forecast that next year, as lately, it will be especially significant to save up, to reliably ensure preservation of the funds value and to guarantee a consistent growth. It is obvious that one of the most dependable saving instruments, which also allow to earn money, are time deposits. Because of this Bank SNORAS constantly searches for ways to present the most valuable saving offers to its clients. During the winter holidays, till 20 January, the time deposit interest rates for the loyal clients in Bank SNORAS stand at 9 per cent and are one of the most attractive on the market. All clients, who signed or prolonged the time deposit agreements during this period, can also win monetary Christmas prizes," states Deimantė Bareikienė, the director of AB Bank SNORAS Sales Department.

All depositors, who signed or prolonged the time deposit agreement during the validity period of the Christmas offer, participate in the game where it is possible to win a key from one of 12 safes which contain valuable monetary prizes. Depositors can win safes with 50, 20 and 10 thousand Litas as well as 9 safes containing 1 thousand Litas each. The game winners will be determined by random selection in three stages.

During the holidays period, Bank SNORAS pays higher interest not only for the time deposits in Litas, but also in Euros, pounds sterling and USA dollars. For one-year deposit in Euros, 7.7 per cent is paid, in pounds sterling - 7.7 per cent, and for deposits in USA dollars - 6.2 per cent annual interest.

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