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AB Bank SNORAS loan portfolio for corporate clients grew by 76.4 per cent within a year
On 31 October this year, AB Bank SNORAS loan portfolio for corporate clients reached LTL 2.01 billion and was by 76.4 per cent greater than in the same period last year when the loan portfolio for enterprises amounted to LTL 870 million. During October this year alone, in comparison to the data as of 30 September 2008, Bank SNORAS loans issued to corporate clients grew by 2.5 per cent.

"Lately the business crediting activity of Bank SNORAS was developing especially fast due to the attractive crediting conditions applied to companies and the flexible attitude towards the clients. Many companies cooperating with Bank SNORAS have emphasized that they especially value the bank specialists' ability to find an individual solution for every situation," states Modestas Keliauskas, a member AB Bank SNORAS Board, the director of Corporate Business Division.

A major part of the business projects credited by Bank SNORAS belong to the manufacturing sector as well as to the segments of transport and telecommunications. During the past twelve months, Bank SNORAS has granted quite a few loans to the companies operating in the sectors of the wholesale and retail trade, real estate, and it also financed agricultural, forestry and tourism projects.

In the present market conditions, Bank SNORAS, as before, implements the active sales business policy when companies are offered the services meeting their needs. These services create conditions to lower expenses or to earn money from financial instruments. The companies using the flexible products of the bank can ensure a regular money flow on the company's accounts, the employees are paid the salary on time or they can gain additional income from the services designated for savings.

One of such services of Bank SNORAS is a special Salary Programme according to which the discount up to 15 per cent is applied to the company accounts administration tariffs, the company directors and employees are granted payment cards free of charge, attractive conditions for using payment cards are applied. Except for the direct income generated from business, Bank SNORAS offers enterprises to ensure additional revenue from financial saving instruments - interest paid for the balances kept on the current accounts, time deposits or overnight deposits. At the moment Bank SNORAS interest rates for time deposits seek 9 per cent.

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