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AB Bank SNORAS Tauragė branch celebrates the 11th anniversary of its activity
On the 19th December this year, AB Bank SNORAS celebrated the eleventh anniversary of its activity in Tauragė region. During these years Bank SNORAS became one of the major financial partners of the residents in Tauragė area: it occupies the third part of the business crediting market in the region, more than the fifth part of the time deposit market of Tauragė population, and owns the most expansive customer service network there.

"The success of Bank SNORAS Tauragė branch is determined by the professional, experienced and especially consistent team of the specialists who have managed to establish long-term relations with the residents and businessmen of this region. In Tauragė district, we do cooperate with many agricultural owners, representatives of small and medium enterprises. Our mini-banks are established not only in Tauragė, but also in five surrounding towns - it enables the clients to perform financial operations not far from their homes or work places," states Aloyzas Sabutis, the director of AB Bank SNORAS Tauragė branch.

According to the director of AB Bank SNORAS Tauragė branch, the earned trust of Tauragė residents, the well-developed Bank products and the attractive interest rates this year conditioned the good results in selling crediting and saving products.

In Tauragė region Bank SNORAS provides services to almost 40 thousand clients, or to every fourth resident of Tauragė district. The bank branch, 8 mini-banks and 9 ATMs operate here. In the city of Tauragė, the services of Bank SNORAS are provided to the clients in the branch, where recently a convenient customer line regulation system was implemented, and in three mini-banks. One mini-bank was set up in each of these cities: Pagėgiai, Jurbarkas, Raseiniai, Šilalė, and Skaudvilė.

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