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This year Bank SNORAS expanded the customer service network both in the capital and in the regions

After opening the new customer service division in “Ozas” shopping centre in Vilnius on 19th December this year, Bank SNORAS opened the first branch outlet in Raseiniai.

“At the moment we are, most probably, the only bank in Lithuania, which not only does not leave smaller towns without the banking services but also expands its customer service network and the spectrum of its services. For quite a long time already we have had the most expansive territorial customer service network of the bank in Lithuania, which, taking into consideration the needs of the residents and companies, we intend to further expand. Therefore, next year will also optimize the present network in such a way that we would be maximally needful and close to the client; we will create new subdivisions and will strengthen the bank’s positions both in the major cities and in the regions,” states Žoržas Šarafanovičius, the deputy chairman of AB Bank SNORAS Board, the director of the Retail Business Division.

In 2009 Bank SNORAS expanded its activity both in the centres of the districts and counties, and in the regions. Apart from the aforementioned new subdivision of the bank in Vilnius, in „Ozas” shopping centre, as well as the new branch outlet to be opened in Raseiniai, this year Bank SNORAS opened a mini-bank „Snoras” in the town of Simnas and three mini-banks in Vilnius. In March this year, the bank also opened the branch outlet in Šiauliai, in “Akropolis” shopping centre. During this year Bank SNORAS set up three new ATMs.

The territorial customer service network of Bank SNORAS comprises 252 subdivisions: 10 regional branches of the bank, 12 branch outlets and 230 mini-banks. Bank SNORAS has 338 ATMs and it is in the second position according to their number in the banking market in Lithuania.

Thanks to the active pricing, within this year Bank SNORAS increased the number of the clients, natural persons by 50 thousand, while the number of the bank’s clients, legal persons grew by 1.7 thousand. Presently the bank provides its services in Lithuania to approximately 1.1 million residents and business entities.

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