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First Ferrari Challenge Races Results

First stages of European Ferrari Challenge Pirelli Trophy series took place March 24-25 in Italy on Monza track featuring Snoras MenX Team representing SNORAS bank.
2007-03-27 Bankas SNORAS represented Lithuania during the third annual conference in Kiev
The third annual conference International Corporate Solutions took place in Kiev (Ukraine) on the 22-23 of March. The traditional conference is one of the most important events in Eastern Europe and is dedicated to the tax planning, corporate structures implementation and international financial services implementation issues. | More
2007-03-26 Bankas SNORAS AB installs Sekasoft AIS Document and Process Management Solution
Bankas SNORAS AB and Sekasoft AIS UAB have entered and agreement on installation of document management system.  | More

Bankas SNORAS team takes part in Ferrari Challenge Europe races

Bankas SNORAS AB is a long-time promoter of sports and culture sponsoring politics and now the sponsor of Ferrari Challenge Europe championship.
2007-03-20 Bankas SNORAS AB celebrates its 15th anniversary
Bankas SNORAS AB celebrated its 15th anniversary on March 15. To celebrate the occasion the bank arranged a party for its customers, partners, shareholders and employees.  | More
2007-03-15 During the meeting of the shareholders of Bankas Snoras AB the annual report of the bank was delivered, financial statements of 2006 and appropriation of the profit were approved and it was decided to increase the authorised capital of the bank
During the ordinary general meeting of the shareholders of Bankas Snoras AB that took place on 14 March 2007 the annual report of the bank was delivered and financial statements were approved. President of the bank R. Baranauskas shared his satisfaction with the results of activity achieved for the last years. | More
2007-03-14 Bank Snoras is positively evaluated by the international rating agencies
On 7 March, this year the international rating agency Standard&Poor’s granted the long-term obligation rating “BB-“ and the short-term obligation rating “B” to bank Snoras, by evaluating the prospect of the bank’s ratings as steady. | More
2007-03-09 Letters of thanks and bonuses delivered to the managers of the most profitable savings outlet of bank Snoras in 2006
Today, on March 9, on behalf of president Raimondas Baranauskas, thanks for responsible attitude towards their work and resolution in pursuing the goals of activity were expressed to managers Rima Grušienė, Nijolė Dorofej, Irena Pliavgo and Marija Veršalovič of the Customer Service Unit of Vilnius branch. Bonuses accounting for the amount of one salary were paid to the managers for regularity, responsible and honest work as well as the achieved brilliant results | More
2007-03-08 SNORAS has opened its correspondent account in USA bank – member of the largest international financial group in the world
One of the retail banking leaders in Lithuania Bankas SNORAS AB, which will celebrate its 15th anniversary next week, has opened its correspondent account in US dollars in Citibank (United States of America). | More
2007-03-06 Bank SNORAS has become the patron of the Leader of Partnership nomination
Managing Director of International Chamber of Commerce of Lithuania (ICC Lietuva) Algimantas Akstinas and President of Bankas SNORAS AB Raimondas Baranauskas have executed Support Agreement, in accordance with which bank SNORAS has become the patron of the Leader of Partnership nomination established by ICC Lietuva. | More
2007-03-06 Regarding draft resolutions of the General Meeting of shareholders
Bankas SNORAS AB will convene the General Meeting of Shareholders (hereinafter – the Meeting) in the conference hall of the Hotel Crown Plaza located on Čiurlionio str. 84, Vilnius, on 14 March 2007 at 2 p.m. following the resolution of the Management Board of the Bank.  | More
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