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2007-11-26 Bank SNORAS’ return on payment cards has exceeded LTL 3 billion
On November 1 this year, the total number of Bankas SNORAS’ payment cards exceeded 740,000 while return on the issued payment cards amounted to LTL 3.55 bln and was even by 53% higher than in the same period last year. | More
2007-11-23 Bankas SNORAS is one of the best banks for private clients in Lithuania
On November 22 this year, in the rating of Lithuanian banks published in the weekly newspaper "Veidas", Bankas SNORAS was awarded the second place. Bank SNORAS' recognition as one of the best banks for private clients is derived from the vastest customer service network encompassing many regions of the country, the skyrocketing customer service, the informative website, the lowest commission fees for money transfers, and other characteristics. | More
2007-11-22 Bank SNORAS group has created the vastest customer service networks in Lithuania and Latvia
Bank SNORAS group, actively expanding the customer service network in Lithuania and Latvia this year, has created the vastest customer service networks in both neighboring countries. This year Bank SNORAS has opened 19 new customer service subdivisions in Lithuania while the Latvian commercial bank Latvijas Krājbanka managed by Bank SNORAS opened 28. | More
2007-11-21 Bankas SNORAS loan portfolio has approximated LTL 2 billion worth
On November 1 this year Bankas SNORAS loan portfolio for physical and juridical persons comprised LTL 1.96 bln. and it was by 90% greater than in the same period last year. Within October alone, Bankas SNORAS loan portfolio increased by LTL 230 mln.  | More
2007-11-16 SNORAS Leasing will be proving a unique car leasing service on the market
SNORAS Leasing, the leader of retail leasing market, will start providing on the market an unprecedented electronic leasing service YZI Autolizingas for automobiles. This service designed for private clients will permit to make the financial leasing agreement at the car-selling location within several minutes. The new service is the first step of SNORAS Leasing in the vehicle leasing segment. | More
2007-11-14 Fitch Ratings has changed Bankas SNORAS alternation outlook on Long-term Issuer Deafult Ratings to stable
On November 14 the international rating agency Fitch Ratings has changed Bankas SNORAS alternation outlook on Long-term Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) to stable from negative. Fitch Ratings has also affirmed Bankas SNORAS ratings at Long-term Issuer Default „BB-“ (BB minus), Short-term IDR „B“, Individual „D“ and Support „4“. The outstanding Bankas SNORAS eurobond emission of EUR 175 million is rated Long-term „BB-“ (BB minus) by Fitch ratings. | More
2007-11-12 Bank SNORAS has implemented the direct debit service in the electronic banking system
From November 12, Bank SNORAS introduced an opportunity for users of Internet Bank+ electronic banking system to order on-line the regular payment (direct debit) service, which allows the clients to freely and conveniently transfer payments to service providers.  | More
2007-11-08 Bankas SNORAS earned 10.2 mln revenue in October
The non-audited profit of Bankas SNORAS gained in October reached 10.2 mln LTL. The last month’s revenue of Bank SNORAS made 22% of the entire profit earned since January till November 1st this year, which amounts to 46.2 mln LTL.  | More
2007-11-07 SNORAS Bank group will be implementing the globally recognized credit risk management software
SNORAS Bank signed an agreement with the software leaders of financial services – the international company Financial Architects (FinArch) which will be implementing the globally recognized capital management program in SNORAS Bank and in its dependant commercial bank of Latvia – Latvijas Krajbanka. | More
2007-11-05 Bankas SNORAS increases interest rates for the account balance of the payment card
From 1 November Bankas SNORAS increases the market interest rates of the unique LAIPTAI (STEPS) saving program which are paid to private clients for the balance of current account related to the payment card. Bank SNORAS will pay the participants of this program 1% higher interest, which will amount up to 5% from now on.  | More
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