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2007-10-31 Bank SNORAS employees and customers watched performance of the team sponsored by the bank in the final competition of Ferrari Challenge championship
On 25-29 October Bankas SNORAS employees and customers went to Italy, where they supported SNORAS bank MenX Team which has been sponsored by the bank and which has participated in the world final competition of Ferrari Challenge championship. 30 thousand viewers and Ferrari cars admirers gathered to see this competition in which the strongest pilots competed in the same Ferrari 430 model cars.  | More
2007-10-30 The first Klaipėda branch outlet of bank SNORAS has been opened in Klaipėda
30 October Bankas SNORAS, managing the most extensive customer service network in the country, has opened in Klaipėda the first customer service subdivision of a new conception – branch outlet designed for business and private customers. It is the tenth branch outlet of bank SNORAS in Lithuania.  | More
2007-10-25 Bank Snoras branch outlet in Telšiai moved to the new premises
Mažeikiai branch outlet of Bankas Snoras, having the largest customer service network in the country, in Telšiai moved to the premises in the centre of the town. The outlet settled in the new two-storey building will pursue to become easily available and most reliable partner of business and private customers. | More
2007-10-25 The customers of bank SNORAS will support the bank team in Ferrari Challenge world championship
Today the customers of Bankas SNORAS are leaving for a final of the prestigious Ferrari Challenge championship in Italy, in which they, together with the management and other employees of the bank will support the team representing bank SNORAS. The best racers from around the world will compete in international Ferrari Challenge championship. | More
2007-10-24 The fourth and the largest Vilnius branch outlet of bank Snoras has been opened in Gediminas avenue
On 23 October bank SNORAS opened the largest branch outlet in Vilnius in a prestigious street of the capital - Gediminas avenue. A subdivision located in the three-storey premises is the fourth branch outlet of the bank in Vilnius and the second in Gediminas avenue. The subsidiary company of bank SNORAS - SNORAS asset management, managing the investment funds, has also settled in these premises. | More
2007-10-23 Within three quarters of the current year Bankas SNORAS group earned LTL 44,8 million
As of 1 October 2007, the non-audited profit of Bankas SNORAS group which is made of Bankas SNORAS, Latvijas Krājbanka AS and 10 subsidiary companies made up LTL 44,8 million. Within three quarters of the current year the profit earned by Bankas SNORAS totaled LTL 36 million.  | More
2007-10-22 Internal Audit Division of Bank SNORAS – is the oldest in Lithuania
This week the Internal Audit Division of bank SNORAS was awarded „The oldest Internal Audit Division“ nomination by Lithuanian Association of Internal Auditors. Bank SNORAS, which established its internal audit subdivision in 1995, became the first organization having this subdivision in Lithuania. | More
2007-10-18 Bankas SNORAS increases interest rates on deposits
From 17 October this year Bankas SNORAS increased the annual interest on time deposits in litas and pounds sterling to private and business customers. Bank SNORAS pays still higher interest on the time deposits in litas - from 4.5 up to 6.2 %, and on the deposits in pounds sterling - from 4.10 up to 5.5 %.  | More
2007-10-17 Latvijas Krājbanka managed by bank SNORAS will increase the shareholders' capital by 22,6 %
On 15 October the extraordinary shareholders‘ meeting of Latvijas Krājbanka, managed by Bankas SNORAS and having the largest network in Latvia, adopted a decision to enhance the shareholders‘ capital by 22,6 %, from LVL 9,909 million up to LVL 12,149 million (LTL 59,687 million). Larger shareholders' capital will allow to speed up the development of Latvijas Krājbanka activity and to introduce new products to the market. | More
2007-10-15 Bank SNORAS has expanded the customer service network in Plungė
12 October Bankas Snoras, having the most extensive customer service in the country, opened a new minibank in Plungė, in the biggest trade center of this town „Maxima“. It is the first minibank of Bankas Snoras in Plungė, where the customers will be serviced by two specialists of the bank.  | More
2007-10-12 Bankas SNORAS shareholders' meeting adopted a new decision concerning increase of the capital
Today, on the 12th of October, the shareholders' meeting of Bankas SNORAS decided to cancel the decision to increase the authorized capital by LTL 50 million, by means of public distribution of the preference registered shares with 10 % non-cumulative dividend, adopted on the 14th of March. Distribution of these shares was cancelled after considering the successful results of the equity issue distribution in August 2007 and international bond issue in May. | More
2007-10-09 Bank SNORAS explores business opportunities in Kazakhstan
On 16-21 September, Natalija Platonova, Director of bank SNORAS International Business Department, together with other Lithuanian entrepreneurs and representatives of the Lithuanian Government visited the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the visit, 60 business and government representatives from Lithuania took a closer look at business opportunities in Kazakhstan and discussed mutual co-operation between the parties at meetings with the ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan who are in charge of the most important fields of economy.  | More
2007-10-05 Delegation of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has visited bank SNORAS
On 5 October, Delegation of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus visited bank SNORAS. The delegation was received by the members of bank SNORAS council and board as well as chairman of the board of Bank of Lithuania Reinoldijus Šarkinas.  | More
2007-10-03 Bank SNORAS establishes the representative office in China
On the 2nd of October, the Board of Bankas SNORAS adopted the decision to establish the representative office in the biggest town of China, Shanghai, that is considered to be the third financial center in the world after New York and London. It will be the first representative office in China of the Lithuanian financial institution and the seventh representative office of Bankas SNORAS in foreign countries.  | More
2007-10-02 The asset funds of funds managed by SNORAS asset management have entrenched themselves among the most profitable ones
From 2 October 2006 the asset managed by the subsidiary company of Bankas SNORAS -SNORAS asset management, according to alterations of the value, from the beginning of the year has entrenched itself among the most profitable asset funds of funds, investing according to similar strategies. From the beginning of the year the value of SNORAS Fund of Equity Funds unit increased by 11,69 %, whereas SNORAS Balanced Asset Fund of Funds – by 7.51 %. | More
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