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2007-09-26 Bank SNORAS has expanded its customer service network in Ukmergė
The third minibank of Bankas SNORAS started operating last week in Ukmergė and it will complement the most extensive customer service network in Vilnius region as well as throughout the whole country. Currently, the customer service network of bank SNORAS is made of 245 subdivisions of the bank, among which there are branches, branch outlets and minibanks. | More
2007-09-25 Deposits of the residents accumulated by Bankas SNORAS exceeded LTL 2 billion
Deposits of the residents entrusted with steadily growing and developing Bankas Snoras as of 1 September this year made up LTL 2,219 billion – it is 40,7 % more than within the same period last year. According to the portfolio of residents’ deposits, bank SNORAS is the third commercial bank in the country and currently it occupies 10.5 % share of the residents’ deposits market. | More
2007-09-21 The customers of Bankas SNORAS submitting credit applications receive a response in one day
Private customers of Bankas SNORAS, which has the most extensive customer service network in the country, having submitted electronic applications as concerns mortgage, consumer, etc. credits, receive the appraisal from the bank in 1 working day. | More
2007-09-18 Bankas SNORAS will reorganize the representative office in Tallinn into the branch
Today, on 18 September, the board of Bankas SNORAS adopted a decision to reorganize the representative office which has operated in Tallinn for three years into the branch from the beginning of the next year. Having established the branch in the capital of Estonia, bank SNORAS, having central representative office in Lithuania and managing commercial bank of Latvia Latvijas Krājbanka, will entrench itself in the markets of all Baltic States. | More
2007-09-14 Bank SNORAS customers will watch Ferrari Challenge race in Italy
Bankas SNORAS having the most expansive customer service network in the country awards its customers that obtained the consumer loan in the period from August to September with the opportunity to go to the prestigious Ferrari Challenge championship in Italy. In this championship bank SNORAS is represented by the team of racers SNORAS bank MenX Team. | More
2007-09-12 Bankas SNORAS contributed to the project of glorification of the name of Lithuania in Czechia
Bankas SNORAS which has a representative office in Prague in summer this year participated in the „Know Lithuania“ project initiated by Lithuanian embassy in Czechia. On the initiative of the embassy, the second Czech radio programme (Česky rozhlas 2 – Prague) assembled transmission cycle „Quiz about Lithuania“. Bankas SNORAS furnished the winners of the quiz with the opportunity to visit Lithuania. | More
2007-09-07 Bank SNORAS expanded its customer service network in Panevėžys region
Bankas Snoras, having the widest customer service network in the country, opened its first Panevėžys branch outlet in Kupiškis. It is the eighth branch outlet of bank SNORAS of new conception and the 243rd bank customer service subdivision. | More
2007-09-07 Regarding Extraordinary General Shareholders‘ Meeting on 12 October
In accordance with the decision adopted by the Board of Bankas SNORAS, the Extraordinary General Shareholders‘ Meeting shall be convened and will be held on 12 October 2007, 2.00 p.m., Vilnius, the conference room of Crown Plaza hotel (M.K.Čiurlionio str. 84, Vilnius) (hereinafter – the Meeting). | More
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