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2007-05-25 “SNORAS – INVESTBANK: new deals for customers” - round table took place in Kaliningrad
Following rapidly developing cooperation of Lithuania and Kaliningrad region in economy, social and cultural issues, the round table for Kaliningrad businessmen was arranged. The purpose of the event initiated by Investbank was to discuss perspectives of mutual cooperation, to present business society financial services meeting need of local businesses. | More
2007-05-22 Bankas SNORAS’s Eurobond Issue
Today, May 22, the Eurobonds has been admitted to trading on the London Stock Exchange. Starting today, the Eurobonds can be traded on the London Stock Exchange’s Gilt Edged and Fixed Interest Market. On Monday, May 21, Bankas SNORAS officially completed its debut Eurobonds offering when the Eurobonds were settled. | More
2007-05-21 Profit of the financial group of Bank Snoras for the 1st quarter– LTL 17,8 million
Within the first quarter of 2007 the financial group of Bankas Snoras earned LTL 17,8 million of the non-audited net profit which is 26.3 % more than it was earned within the same period in 2006. This sum of the profit earned within such a period is the largest in the history of the bank financial group‘s activity. Within the first quarter of the year, credit portfolio of the bank‘s financial group grew by 51.2 %, deposit portfolio – by 43.2 %. | More
2007-05-16 The first exhibition of VISA payment cards is already in Kaunas
Payment cards organization Visa Europe together with Bankas SNORAS AB and six other commercial banks of the country arranged the first exhibition of VISA payment cards in Europe. The exhibition was launched in Vilnius in April and has reached Kaunas by now. VISA payment cards will be exhibited in Kaunas office of the Bank of Lithuania (Maironio str. 25) May 16-30.  | More
2007-05-14 Snoras renews itself together with the beginning of the summer season
Last weekend Palanga announced the beginning of the season, by inviting everyone to the events that took place several days. With the beginning of the summer season on the sea front, Bankas Snoras is renewing its activity as well. | More
2007-05-11 Bank SNORAS has distributed its first Eurobond issue
Bankas SNORAS has distributed its debut Euro-denominated 3-year Eurobond issue. The value of issue is EUR 175 million (LTL 604.24 million), annual interest – 7 per cent. Issue is listed on London Stock Exchange.
 | More
2007-05-11 Savings outlet of Bankas SNORAS was opened today in Kaunas
Four savings outlets in one week. New savings outlets of Bankas SNORAS have started their operations in Klaipėda, Pasvalis, Vilnius districts and finally in Kaunas Aleksotas district today.  | More
2007-05-10 The Customer Service Network of Bankas SNORAS Expands Constantly
Bankas SNORAS constantly expands its customer service network which is by now the largest one in the country; the rapid formation of the same was started a decade ago. Today a new savings outlet is being opened in the capital, in Naujoji Vilnia.  | More
2007-05-09 In bank Snoras you may pay for the services rendered by ERGO Lietuva by means of direct debit
From May 2, in Bankas Snoras it is possible to pay for the services provided by ERGO LIETUVA UADB by means of direct debit. | More
2007-05-09 Outlet of bank Snoras has been established on the border with Latvia
Today, in Pasvalis district, not far from the control post of Latvian border, Bankas Snoras, which has the largest client service network in the country, opened a new outlet. The new savings outlet of bank Snoras is the 3rd in Pasvalis district and the 18-th in Panevėžys region. | More
2007-05-04 Bank Snoras is expanding its client service network
Bankas Snoras, which has the largest client service network in the country, opened a new savings outlet in Gargždai.  | More
2007-05-04 Bankas SNORAS shall publish a proposal on acquisition of a new share emission
Lithuanian Securities Commission has approved Prospectus of ordinary registered shares emission of Bankas SNORAS.  | More
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