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2007-04-20 Health And Leisure Centre TRASALIS Opening in Trakai
Tomorrow, April 21, Health and Leisure centre TRASALIS will open its doors to public. The project developer is constructions undertaking ANDOVA, the project partner – Bankas SNORAS. | More

The second Ferrari Challenge race series– this weekend

This weekend, on 21-22 April, the second stage of Ferrari Challenge Pirelli Trophy series 2007 will take place on Misan track in Italy. SNORAS bank MenX Team which represents bank Snoras will continue to take part during this stage.
2007-04-19 Bankas SNORAS will issue its first Eurobonds emission
Bankas SNORAS will issue its first Eurobonds emission. Issue will be registered on London Stock Exchange.  | More
2007-04-13 Bank Snoras invests into comfortable working environment
Bank Snoras constantly invests into improvement of the working environment conditions of the employees. Today, after having finished the repairs and decoration of the 6th floor of the central seat in Vilnius, Risk Management Department as well as Treasury Department and Financial Brokerage Department both belonging to Financial Management Division have moved into the new premise and have started work in the fashionably-designed modern cabinets. Twenty employees work in these subdivisions.  | More
2007-04-13 The first exhibition of VISA payment cards in Europe
Payment cards organization Visa Europe together with Bankas SNORAS AB and six other commercial banks of the country arranges the first exhibition of VISA payment cards in Europe. The exhibition will be set in Vilnius in the Museum of the Bank of Lithuania (Totorių street 2/8) from the 19th of April till the 3rd of May. | More
2007-04-12 Bank SNORAS profit for the 1st quarter – LTL 13.8 million
For the first quarter of 2007 Bankas SNORAS AB has earned LTL 13.8 million of non-audited net profit, i.e. 44.6% more than for the same period of 2006. Such a profit for the set period is the largest one within the history of the bank. Return on Bank assets (ROA) translated into the annual ratio is equal to 1.2 %, and return on equity (ROE) translated into annual ratio – 18.6 %.  | More
2007-04-11 In Vilnius district Naujininkai there was established an outlet of bank Snoras
Today in Vilnius district Naujininkai a new outlet of Bankas Snoras AB is starting its work. The new savings outlet of bank Snoras is the second in this district, and bank Snoras – is still the only bank in Naujininkai. | More
2007-04-11 Two outlets of bank Snoras are being opened in Kaunas
Today, on 11 April, in Kaunas commercial and entertainment center Akropolis there has been opened and starts its work a new outlet of Bankas Snoras AB and it is planned to open one more bank outlet in the middle of this month in Aleksotas district. Today Kaunas branch of bank Snoras is commemorating one more important event – the branch celebrates 10 years of its activity. | More
2007-04-06 Events for business customers in the branches of Bankas SNORAS AB
In order to support current relationships and enter to new ones with business customers, special events for businessmen took place in branches of Bankas SNORAS AB. | More
2007-04-05 For one time deposit with bank SNORAS someone have got two
On the expiration of the fourth ruble deposit return period, part of residents have placed the recovered money in bank SNORAS by making time deposit agreements. According to the bank clients, they placed deposits with SNORAS having found out about especially high interest. Moreover, they were attracted by the chance to win an additional deposit.  | More
2007-04-04 We offer vacancies of executives and experts in the new division of Bankas SNORAS AB to be opened in London
Everyone interested in exclusive chance to grow along with the dynamic and ambitious bank is welcomed to send CV to e-mail: Detailed information is available by phone: (+370 8 5) 2327146.  | More
2007-04-02 Bank SNORAS employees prevented illegal financial transaction
Considerable amounts were tried to be transferred fraudulently from an account in one Cyprus bank to correspondent account of foreign bank via an account opened in bank SNORAS in the end of March. | More
2007-04-02 Bank Snoras is disseminating pension accumulation services of Commercial Union Lietuva
Bankas Snoras AB begins disseminating pension accumulation services of one of the leaders in the field of life assurance and pension funds Commercial Union Lietuva. | More
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