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2007-12-28 Bankas SNORAS will sell 40 percent of SNORAS Development shares
On 27 December 2007, the Board of Bankas SNORAS adopted a decision to sell 40 percent of shares of its subsidiary company SNORAS Development. SNORAS Development is engaged in developing realty projects: reconstruction, building and realization. | More
2007-12-21 SNORAS group will acquire 29.8 % of shares belonging to Spyker Cars N.V., the Dutch manufacturer of exclusive premium sports cars
On 21 December 2007 Bankas SNORAS group concluded an agreement with Spyker Cars N.V., the manufacturer of exclusive premium sports cars. Under this agreement, the subsidiary company of Bankas SNORAS, Snoras asset management, will acquire 29.8 % of Spyker Cars N.V. shares, having fulfilled all obligations of the parties provided in the agreement until the end of January 2008.  | More
2007-12-19 Independent researchers assessed Bankas SNORAS E-Banking services
On December 17 this year, in the report of Baltic E-Banking Report, Bankas SNORAS was awarded the fifth place among all commercial banks operating in Lithuania. In the survey, this year Bank SNORAS was distinguished in his highly improved reaction towards customers’ requests submitted on-line: in this category the bank rose from the seventh place to the second. The place granted to Bank SNORAS this year is by three positions higher than last year. | More
2007-12-18 Bank SNORAS has been operating in Tauragė region 10 years already
Bankas SNORAS Tauragė branch, which will celebrate its anniversary of 10 years‘ activity on the 19th of December 2007, is one of the leading banks in the region. Bank SNORAS managing eight subdivisions in Tauragė district takes over 40 % of the market share of credits to natural persons and the fifth part of the market share of credits to legal persons. | More
2007-12-14 Bank SNORAS expanded its customer service network in Šilutė
One more Bankas SNORAS minibank started operating in December, in Klaipėda county, in Šilutė. It is the second bank SNORAS subdivision in Šilutė and the twenteeth in Lithuania opened this year. | More
2007-12-13 Bankas SNORAS group signed the agreement about preliminary intentions with Spyker Cars N.V. – the manufacturer of deluxe automobiles
On December 11, Bankas SNORAS group signed the agreement about preliminary intentions concerning possible investments into Spyker Cars N.V. – the Dutch producer of luxurious sport cars. Bank SNORAS group can obtain up to 29.9% of Spyker Cars N. V. authorised capital.  | More
2007-12-12 Ferrari car of the professional pilots’ team sponsored by bank SNORAS has reached Lithuania
On the 11th of December in Vilnius “Marino” restaurant located in “Vilnius vartai” bank SNORAS partners and customers were introduced to the Ferrari car in which the professional pilots’ team sponsored by the bank competed down all this year in the world Ferrari Challenge championship and Le Mano 24-hours race. SNORAS Bank MenX Team acting on behalf of bank SNORAS with this car for the first time represented our country in the motoring events popular all over the world. | More
2007-12-11 Bankas SNORAS again increases interest rates on deposits
From 10 December this year, Bankas SNORAS once again increased the annual interest on time deposits in Litas and Euros for private and business customers. Bank SNORAS pays one the highest interests on the time deposits in Litas in the market – from 5.0 up to 6.7%, and on deposits in Euros – from 4.30 up to 5.95%. The last time Bank SNORAS increased the interest on time deposits on 17 October.  | More
2007-12-11 Bankas SNORAS finances the purchase of aircrafts from one of flyLAL Group companies
Bankas SNORAS has granted a 7-year loan for purchasing three airplanes from Aviation Assets Management company which belongs to the group of enterprises flyLAL Group. The entire cost of the project, which is financed by Bank SNORAS, amounts to LTL 68.1. mln (USD 28.8 mln).  | More
2007-12-05 Bank SNORAS group’s investments in development exceeded 10 million Lt
This year Bank SNORAS financial group’s investments in the network development in Lithuania and in the international market exceeded 10 million Lt. Within this year Bank SNORAS group has opened 19 new customer service subdivisions in Lithuania, 28 mini-banks in Latvia, has started reorganizing the representative office into the branch in Tallinn, has begun establishing the branch in London and a representative office in Shanghai.  | More
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