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2008-12-31 The order of accepting payments in State Tax Inspectorate changes
We hereby inform Bank SNORAS clients, who make payments to State Tax Inspectorate (hereinafter - STI) under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, that since 1st January 2009 there will be changes in the order of accepting these payments in. | More
2008-12-29 AB Bank SNORAS group sold the shares of the Dutch car manufacturer Spyker Cars N.V.
On 25th December this year, SNORO turto valdymas UAB sold 29.8 per cent of the shares of the Dutch car manufacturer Spyker Cars N.V. to the Republic of Cyprus company Desolery Holdings Limited. The company of AB Bank SNORAS group retains the preferred share which grants additional rights to participate in the company’s activity. | More
2008-12-24 SNORO fondų valdymas UAB having merged with JT investicijų valdymas UAB will operate under a new name – SNORAS Asset Management UAB
On 23rd December this year, the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania, during its meeting, allowed to reorganize JT investicijų valdymas UAB and SNORO fondų valdymas UAB by merging them. | More

AB bank SNORAS winter holidays greeting

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year
2008-12-22 AB Bank SNORAS Tauragė branch celebrates the 11th anniversary of its activity
On the 19th December this year, AB Bank SNORAS celebrated the eleventh anniversary of its activity in Tauragė region. During these years Bank SNORAS became one of the major financial partners of the residents in Tauragė area: it occupies the third part of the business crediting market in the region, more than the fifth part of the time deposit market of Tauragė population, and owns the most expansive customer service network there.  | More
2008-12-19 AB Bank SNORAS will distribute already the 3rd emission of the fixed interest bonds this year
AB Bank SNORAS will distribute one-year bonds with the fixed 10 per cent interest rate. The short-term bonds will be distributed from 22 December this year till 25 January 2009.  | More

Regarding possible disorders (on 9th and 10 th December) of AB Bank SNORAS e-banking system and in the operations with payment cards

We inform you that on 9th and 10th December this year, due to the scheduled works performed by AB TEO LT, it is possible that from 0:00 through 06:00 a.m. temporary disorders may occur in e-banking system "Internet Bank+" and in the operations (settlements) executed with the payment cards issued by AB Bank SNORAS.
2008-12-02 AB Bank SNORAS loan portfolio for corporate clients grew by 76.4 per cent within a year
On 31 October this year, AB Bank SNORAS loan portfolio for corporate clients reached LTL 2.01 billion and was by 76.4 per cent greater than in the same period last year when the loan portfolio for enterprises amounted to LTL 870 million. During October this year alone, in comparison to the data as of 30 September 2008, Bank SNORAS loans issued to corporate clients grew by 2.5 per cent.  | More
2008-12-01 The time deposit interest reaches 9 per cent in AB Bank SNORAS during the winter holidays period
If you sign 1-year time deposit agreement in Litas prior to 20 January 2009, AB Bank SNORAS will pay 8.7 per cent annual interest. The loyal clients of the bank receive even more: if they prolong the former time deposit in Litas of at least 1 month for any period of time, they will be paid 0.3 per cent higher interest. Therefore, after prolonging the former deposit in Litas for 1 year the interest will reach 9 per cent. | More
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