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2008-02-22 “Ferrari 430” – the car of the Bankas SNORAS team which participated in international car-races - has reached Šiauliai
On 23 February this year at a public event of “LKL all stars day 2008” held at the Šiauliai arena the famous race car Ferrari 430 will be on display. This car was used by the team of professional pilots SNORAS bank MenX Team sponsored by Bankas SNORAS during the first representation of Lithuania at the Ferrari Challenge world championship.  | More
2008-02-21 Every out of four Klaipėda region residents uses the servises of Bankas SNORAS
On February 21 this year the Bankas SNORAS Klaipėda branch celebrates the 10-year anniversary. This third largest branch of Bankas SNORAS manages 28 customer service subdivisions in the seaside region and offers its servises to almost every fourth resident of the Klaipėda region. | More
2008-02-20 The fourteenth customer service subdivision of Bankas SNORAS in the city of Šiauliai was opened in a new shopping centre Tilžė
Last Friday the new shopping and leisure centre Tilžė of the city of Šiauliai, which welcomed its first visitors, saw the opening of the 14th customer service subdivision of Bankas SNORAS. This new mini-bank employs three experts. At this point the customer service network in Šiauliai is made up of a branch, 13 mini-banks and 20 ATMs. | More
2008-02-15 Delegation of Lithuanian businesspeople paid a visit to Bankas SNORAS branch in the capital city of Great Britain
Yesterday officials of the financial institutions of the Republic of Lithuania together with the accompanying delegation paid a visit to Bankas SNORAS branch to be established in the London City. During the visit the potential of Lithuania as an equal partner on the foreign financial market was sought to be unveiled to representatives of Lithuania's finance sector.  | More
2008-02-14 Tariffs for acceptance of payments and fees change
We would like to inform you that the following tariffs for the acceptance of the deposit shall be established from 1 March 2008. | More
2008-02-13 Bankas SNORAS increases the interest rates of deposits in Litas up to 7 per cent
From February 13 Bankas SNORAS increased the annual time deposit interest rate by approximately 0.7 percentage points for private and corporate clients. Since today Bankas SNORAS has started paying some of the most attractive interest rates for Litas deposits in the market – from 6 to 7 per cent.  | More
2008-02-13 The Bank Management as part of the businessmen delegation will accompany the President of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Kingdom
Today and tomorrow Valdas Adamkus, the President of the Republic of Lithuania, will be on a working visit in London, the capital of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. During the visit he will be accompanied by a delegation of businessmen of Lithuania, which will include the Bankas SNORAS President Raimondas Baranauskas and the First Vice President Naglis Stancikas. | More
2008-02-12 Bankas SNORAS’ return on payment cards increased by more than 1.5 times within last year
On 31 December 2007, Bankas SNORAS’ return on payment cards stood at LTL 4.35 billion – by 61.8 per cent or LTL 1.66 billion more than at the outset of last year when the return on payment cards amounted to LTL 2.69 billion.  | More
2008-02-11 Bankas SNORAS will be distributing the first equity-linked notes
On February 11 – March 14 this year, Bankas SNORAS will be distributing six emissions of the first bonds linked to the Russian RDX index. The three-year equity-linked notes of Bankas SNORAS will be distributed in Litas, Euros and for the first time in the Lithuanian market – in US dollars.  | More
2008-02-07 Within last year the Bankas SNORAS Group earned LTL 83.45 million of profit
Within last year the Bankas SNORAS Group, which consists of Bankas SNORAS, the bank “Latvijas Krājbanka” and 11 subsidiary companies, earned LTL 83.45 million of profit – 27 per cent more than in 2006. Last year’s profit of SNORAS Group includes LTL 14.41 million profit from selling part of the subsidiary’s shares.  | More
2008-02-04 Reduction of Lithuania’s ratings did not make an impact on Bank SNORAS ratings
At the end of January this year, the international rating agency Standard & Poor’s reduced Long-term Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) of Lithuania from “A” to “A-”, Short-term IDR from “A-1” to “A-2”, while the ratings outlook remained negative. The agency affirmed by this that the reduction of Lithuanian ratings did not make an impact on Bank SNORAS ratings which remained on the same level - Long-term Issuer Default ratings at “BB-”, Short-term IDR at “B” and the stable ratings outlook. | More
2008-02-01 Bankas SNORAS is planning to provide financial services in four new foreign markets
At the end of January this year, the Bank of Lithuania approved Bankas SNORAS intentions to provide financial services, without having established a branch, in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Luxembourg, and Great Britain. | More
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