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2008-10-30 AB Bank SNORAS authorized capital of LTL 411.9 million was registered
On October 29 the new Articles of Association of AB Bank SNORAS with the increased authorised capital were registered in the Legal Persons Register; after the increase the authorised capital comprises LTL 411.9 million.  | More
2008-10-30 Investbank managed by the main shareholder of Bank SNORAS was included in the top 100 Russian banks
The Russian commercial bank Investbank, which has been carrying out its activity for almost 20 years, after it annexed the banks Conversbank ZAO, Gran OAO and Voronezhprombank OAO, it was included in the top 100 largest Russian banks (according to their assets) in the midst of more than 1000 financial institutions functioning in this country. On October 22 this year, Standard & Poor’s agency granted the international Long-term Issuer Default rating “ru BB-” to this joint bank. The main shareholder of Investbank is V. Antonov who also owns 68.65 per cent of AB Bank SNORAS shares.  | More
2008-10-29 The turnover of Bank SNORAS instant payment cards, unique on the market, via the accounts exceeded LTL 170 million
At the end of March this year, after Bank SNORAS introduced the first instant MasterCard cards on the Lithuanian market – SNORAS SuperCard, from 31 March till 30 September the turnover on the accounts of these cards reached LTL 171 million.  | More
2008-10-27 According to the survey, efficiency and professionalism are the most important criteria for companies while choosing a bank
The survey of Lithuanian companies carried out upon the order of AB Bank SNORAS in September this year showed that more than three quarters (77 per cent) of the companies, while choosing a long-term collaboration with a bank, consider the efficient and professional provision of services as the most important criteria. The bank’s reliability and image are the second important factors, and in the third place – the bank’s assistance which a company received and then continues to remain loyal to the financial institution that provided help to it.  | More
2008-10-24 The 100th ATM of Bank SNORAS in Vilnius region began its work in the capital city
The other day the 100th ATM of Bank SNORAS in Vilnius region began its work in Aušros Vartų str.1 in the capital; it allows to withdraw cash in the most popular currencies: Litas and Euro. It is also the 61st multi-currency ATM of Bank SNORAS in entire Lithuania.  | More
2008-10-23 The Bank of Lithuania approved of Bank SNORAS increasing the capital up to LTL 411.9 million
Today, on October 23, the Bank of Lithuania granted the permission to increase the Bank SNORAS authorized capital by almost two-thirds – from LTL 253.4 million up to LTL 411.9 million. | More
2008-10-21 AB Bank SNORAS will increase its capital by issuing perpetual debt securities included in the capital
By the decision of AB Bank SNORAS Board as of 21 October this year it was decided to consolidate the bank capital by issuing perpetual debt securities included in the capital which will be distributed in a non-public manner. | More
2008-10-17 AB Bank SNORAS has earned the profit of LTL 18.4 million within nine months this year
According to unaudited data, as of 1st October this year the profit earned by AB Bank SNORAS reached LTL 18.36 million. At the end of September this year, the assets of Bank SNORAS amounted to LTL 5.9 billion – by LTL 0.9 billion or 18 per cent more than on 1st October 2007. Bank SNORAS loan portfolio, which stood at LTL 3.5 billion as of 1st October 2008, grew by 66 per cent or by LTL 1.4 billion during the last twelve months. | More
2008-10-16 The winner of SNORAS Spyker Squadron Cup in the Lithuanian karting championship will go to Spyker Cars N.V. factory
Today, on 16 October, AB Bank SNORAS – the main sponsor of the Lithuanian karting championship this year – granted SNORAS Spyker Squadron Cup to Kevinas Gracholskis, the 18-year-old champion of the most popular KZ2 class. This sportsman was also awarded the special prize established by the bank – the trip to Spyker Cars N.V. factory of exclusive automobiles, which is managed by AB Bank SNORAS group.  | More
2008-10-14 Bank SNORAS branch in Cyprus will commence its activity in the beginning of next year
On September 30 this year, the Bank of Lithuania approved of the establishment of AB Bank SNORAS branch in Cyprus. It is planned that Bank SNORAS branch will commence its active work in Limassol – the second largest city in the Republic of Cyprus – in the first half of next year. | More
2008-10-09 AB Bank SNORAS opens private limited liability company „SNORO valda“
On 8 October this year Board of AB Bank SNORAS has made a resolution to open private limited liability company „SNORO valda“, that will be implementing supervision of exploitation and administration of real estate that belongs to the bank and Bank Groups companies. | More
2008-10-09 Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved increasing the insurance deposits to 100 thousand euro
Considerig 7 October 2008 resolutions that were approved by the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN), Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the changes of correspondent insurance article concerning deposits and responsibilities to the investors on 8 October 2008. Cabinet Council approved to increase insurance sum from 22 thousand euro to 100 thousand euro. | More
2008-10-08 AB Bank SNORAS has financed a Three-Year Renovation and Modernisation Project of UAB “Jūrės medis”
UAB “Jūrės medis”, the biggest manufacturer of glulam constructions in the Baltic States region, has completed the implementation of the project of modernisation of the technology line and renovation of premises. The project has been financed by AB Bank SNORAS and Structural Funds of the European Union, promoted by the Republic of Lithuania through the public institution Lithuanian Business Support Agency.  | More
2008-10-06 AB Bank SNORAS finances agricultural and dairy farm equipment modernisation projects
AB Bank SNORAS has extended the loan amounting to LTL 2.55 million to a large agricultural company UAB Holmer servisas in Kaunas County for the acquisition of two modern combines for harvesting sugar beets. It is one of the major projects of AB Bank SNORAS related to financing procurement of specific equipment in Kaunas County. AB Bank SNORAS will also credit a dairy farm modernisation project of LTL 2 million. | More
2008-10-03 AB Bank SNORAS participates in the exhibition “Vilnius Invest 2008” held in Litexpo on 2–4 October
From 2 to 4 October, the Lithuanian Exhibition and Convention Centre Litexpo hosts the first investment fair in Lithuania "Vilnius Invest 2008". You are welcome to visit! | More
2008-10-02 AB bank SNORAS increases interest for time deposits
As of 1 October, AB bank SNORAS increases interest for time deposits in Litas and Euro for private and corporate clients. The interest remains among the highest in the market. | More
2008-10-02 AB Bank SNORAS informs that the credit of “SNORO Lizingas” cards shall be applied a 1 per cent discount as of 1 November 2008
As of 1 November, the interest rate of “SNORO lizingas” hire purchase cards shall be applied a 1 per cent discount provided that LTL 1000 or more was credited into the account for instalments in the previous month.  | More
2008-10-01 The change of number of correspondent account in Russian roubles
Please note that the number of AB bank SNORAS correspondent account in Russian roubles in Investbank changes as of 1 October 2008. | More
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