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2009-03-31 SNORAS Spyker Squadron will start in 2009 Le Mans Series
On 3-5 April this year, SNORAS Spyker Squadron team will participate in Le Mans Series GT2 championship campaign at the F1 Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona (Spain). SNORAS Spyker Squadron will compete in Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R car for the first time in the 1000 km of Catalunya this year.  | More
2009-03-30 The payment card interest rates change
We hereby inform you that since 04-05-2009 the interest rates of hire purchase cards and debit cards with the credit limit change. | More
2009-03-27 AB Bank SNORAS will grant LTL 35 million for financing small and medium businesses
AB Bank SNORAS, seeking to contribute to the actions on reviving the country’s economy, stipulated in the business promotion plan of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, will grant LTL 35 million for financing the small and medium businesses on the exclusive conditions.  | More
2009-03-23 AB Bank SNORAS distributes the fixed 11 per cent interest bonds in Litas and 9.5 per cent interest bonds in Euros
On 23 March – 17 April this year, AB Bank SNORAS distributes one-year bonds in Litas with the fixed 11 per cent annual return and the bonds of the same duration in Euros with 9.5 per cent annual return.  | More
2009-03-19 Loan portfolio quality of AB Bank SNORAS is one of the best on the market
AB Bank SNORAS loan portfolio, which within last year increased by LTL 0.8 billion (29 per cent) and at the end of 2008 exceeded LTL 3.4 billion, according to the qualitative parameters is one of the best on the national market. The index characterizing the bank loan quality – the ratio of the loan value decrease (special provisions) and the loan portfolio – on the 1 January this year comprised 0.72 per cent and is considerably lower than the market average, reaching 1.18 per cent.  | More
2009-03-19 SNORAS Asset Management UAB will manage seven investment funds of the merged companies SNORO fondų valdymas UAB and JT investicijų valdymas UAB
On 19 March this year, Securities Commission (SC) granted the managing company licence to SNORAS Asset Management UAB, which comprises the investment fund managers SNORO fondų valdymas UAB and JT investicijų valdymas UAB reorganized via amalgamation. After the organisation, the size of the investment fund assets managed by AB Bank SNORAS group increased by more than 3.5 times.
 | More
2009-03-18 AB „Lietuvos draudimas” services will be provided in AB Bank SNORAS customer service network
Since 18 March this year, AB Bank SNORAS, managing the widest customer service network in the banking sector, starts distributing the services of the insurance market leader AB „Lietuvos draudimas”. The partnership of two finance and insurance market leaders from now on will allow the clients to handle banking and insurance matters at one time.  | More
2009-03-18 AB Bank SNORAS consolidates the capital base
During the ordinary general shareholders’ meeting, which was held on 18 March 2008, the bank’s profit distribution was approved. LTL 1.1 million was allotted for the compulsory reserve fund, LTL 4 million was designated to form the reserve capital which is an additional bank reserve for covering possible loan losses. It was also decided at the meeting to keep the earned undistributed profit in the bank, thereby consolidating the bank capital base.  | More
2009-03-18 The tariffs for companies’ debit payment orders change
Since 1 April this year, the tariffs for companies’ debit payment orders change. | More
2009-03-17 AB Bank SNORAS celebrates 17th anniversary of its activity on the banking market
Dear customers and partners of AB Bank SNORAS! | More
2009-03-16 Declaration of the Board of AB Bank SNORAS concerning information in the media
Last week all of us – the heads and employees of AB Bank SNORAS – were shocked by the news about the assassination attempt on Alexander Antonov, a member of the Supervisory Board of the bank and the father of the main shareholder of the bank Vladimir Antonov. It is painful to feel and comprehend that nowadays the life of a human being has lost that high God-given value.  | More
2009-03-16 The conditions of the payment card usage change
We hereby inform you that since 16 April 2009 changes will be made in the Payment Card Usage Agreement conditions which define provision of the payment card insurance services. | More
2009-03-13 During last year AB Bank SNORAS group earned LTL 23,3 million LTLprofit, based on the audited results
Based on the audited results AB Bank SNORAS group, which comprises AB Bank SNORAS, AB „Latvijas Krājbanka" operating in Latvia and 19 other companies, during last year, according to unaudited data, earned LTL 23.3 million LTL profit. | More
2009-03-13 The income of SNORO lizingas UAB grew by almost 20 per cent in 2008
Last year the income of SNORO lizingas UAB – the leader of retail leasing – increased by LTL 7.4 million or by 19.7 per cent and at the end of 2008 it stood at LTL 45.05 million.  | More
2009-03-13 This year Bank SNORAS will invest LTL 7.5 million in renewal of ATM network
AB Bank SNORAS, seeking to renew the ATM network according to the requirements set up in the single Euro payment area (SEPA), this year plans to invest LTL 7.5 million in modernizing this network. | More
2009-03-10 In 2008 the number of settlements performed by Bank SNORAS payment cards grew twice faster than the market
Within last year the number of settlement operations made by using AB Bank SNORAS payment cards grew by 21 per cent or twice more than on the market where 10 per cent growth was fixed. During 2008 Bank SNORAS clients performed 3.56 million settlement operations with payment cards, whereas in 2007 this number reached 2.94 million units. | More
2009-03-06 Bank SNORAS has opened the 25th customer service subdivision in Šiauliai region
On 6th March in the new Akropolis trade centre in the city of Šiauliai, AB Bank SNORAS has opened the first branch outlet in this city designated for providing services to corporate and private clients. The branch outlet has enlarged the most expansive customer service network of Bank SNORAS in Šiauliai region, which now comprises 25 subdivisions.  | More
2009-03-06 Bank SNORAS representative office in Riga will expand into the branch
On 5th March, the Board of AB Bank SNORAS adopted a decision to expand the representative office, which has been operating in Riga for four years, into the branch. Having established the branch in the capital city of Latvia, Bank SNORAS owning the central office in Lithuania and the branch in Estonia will be directly represented in all Baltic States. | More
2009-03-04 Survey: most Lithuanian residents pay for services in cash
According to the data of the poll carried out upon the order of AB Bank SNORAS, more than half (56 per cent) of the country’s population pays for services in cash. Less than one-third (28 per cent) of the residents use e-banking service for this purpose, while barely 4 per cent of them use the direct debit service. | More
2009-03-03 Concerning termination of activity of AB Bank SNORAS branch in London
To expand its activity AB Bank SNORAS had planned to establish territorial subdivisions in various foreign countries. One of the projected expansion regions of the bank was Great Britain where the banking business was planned to be developed after establishing the branch in London. | More
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