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2009-02-27 In 2008 the corporate client loan portfolio of AB Bank SNORAS grew twice faster than the market
Last year the corporate client loan portfolio of AB Bank SNORAS grew by 35 per cent or twice faster than the market (17.5 per cent). The business loan portfolio of the bank, which grew very rapidly not only last year but within the past three years, stood at LTL 1.95 billion on 1 January 2009. | More
2009-02-25 Last year Bank SNORAS private client deposit portfolio grew 3 times faster than the market
The residential time deposit portfolio of AB Bank SNORAS increased by 18.4 per cent last year – even three time faster than the market (6.3 per cent). At the end of 2008, the private client deposit portfolio of the bank comprised LTL 2.82 billion and was LTL 0.44 greater than in the same period last year.  | More
2009-02-24 “Business Ambassador 2008” nomination established this year was awarded to V. Ušackas
AB Bank SNORAS, being the patron of the “Partnership Leader” nomination of the International trading palace ICC Lietuva (hereinafter – ICC Lietuva), this year initiated a special prize – “Business Ambassador”. The first award, which honours the diplomat who was the most active in promoting the Lithuanian and foreign business partnership, was presented to V. Ušackas, the current minister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania. | More
2009-02-23 AB Bank SNORAS group has already over 20 companies
During the last several years, AB Bank SNORAS group expanded up to 21 companies. Presently the bank’s group comprises AB Bank SNORAS and 20 other companies, 7 of which are directly managed by Bank SNORAS and 13 – indirectly, through the subsidiary companies.  | More

During last year AB Bank SNORAS group earned LTL 41.7 million profit

AB Bank SNORAS group, which comprises AB Bank SNORAS, AB „Latvijas Krājbanka" operating in Latvia and 19 other companies, during last year, according to unaudited data, earned LTL 41.7 million profit.
2009-02-17 AB Bank SNORAS distributes the 11 per cent fixed-interest bond emission
On February 17 – March 13 this year, AB Bank SNORAS distributes one-year bonds with the fixed 11 per cent annual return, which can be regained after keeping the bonds for at least 28 days. This investment instrument will allow to earn more than accumulating money in the time deposit. | More
2009-02-13 Press release about AB Bank SNORAS subdivision in UK
AB Bank SNORAS has planned to establish territorial subdivisions for the business expansion in various foreign countries. The United Kingdom (Great Britain) is one of the strategically important regions for the bank. AB Bank SNORAS, as the bank legitimately operating in the member state of the European Union, following the provisions of the directive 2006/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2006 “relating to the taking up and pursuit of the business of credit institutions”, in 2007 addressed the Bank of Lithuania (The Republic of Lithuania Credit Institutions Supervision Authority) with the request to forward the information on the intended establishment of the branch in Great Britain. | More
2009-02-12 The basic prospectus of LTL 100 million worth non-negotiable securities (bonds) of AB Bank SNORAS is approved
On 11th February this year, Securities Commission (SC) approved the basic prospectus of LTL 100 million worth non-negotiable securities (bonds) of AB Bank SNORAS.  | More
2009-02-09 Bank SNORAS gave 12 monetary prizes to the depositors who participated in the special action
In the special action of Bank SNORAS, which was taking place from December last year till 20th January this year, the participating depositors were presented 12 monetary prizes whose value reaches from 1 up to 50 thousand Litas. | More
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