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2009-11-18 AB Bank SNORAS will be represented in the United Kingdom by the representative office in London
On 17 November 2009, the Board of AB Bank SNORAS decided to establish the bank’s representative office in London. The main function of the bank’s representative office – to provide potential and current clients of the bank in the United Kingdom with the information about the services provided by the bank and the companies of its group. | More
2009-11-16 Bank SNORAS begins distributing “Finasta Asset Management” II level pension funds
Starting from today, 16 November 2009, AB Bank SNORAS network starts providing new products – one can sign agreements of “Finasta Asset Management” II level pension accumulation funds in all subdivisions of the bank. | More
2009-11-10 The capital of the Latvian bank AS “Latvijas Krajbanka”, managed by Bank SNORAS, increased by LTL 45 million
The Latvian Finance and Capital Market Commission permitted Mr. Vladimir Antonov, who is also the main shareholder of AB Bank SNORAS, to acquire and manage up to 33 per cent of the shareholding of the Latvian bank AS “Latvijas Krajbanka”. Having obtained the aforementioned permission, Mr. Vladimir Antonov for LTL 45 million purchased 6 174 978 shares of the new emission. | More
2009-11-09 Bank SNORAS will finance household economic communities up to 95 per cent of the projects’ value
Since 9th November 2009, the loan amount with the guarantee of the guarantee fund of UAB „Investicijų ir verslo garantijos” (INVEGA), issued by Bank SNORAS for the habitat renovation projects of multi-apartment residential houses, would seek up to 95% of the project value. With INVEGA guarantee, which equals the state guarantee, the amount of the initial contribution of the loan applied by Bank SNORAS for renovation projects will comprise only 5% of the entire project’s value. | More
2009-11-07 The shareholders of AB Bank SNORAS endorsed increasing the authorized capital up to LTL 500 million
During the extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting (GSM) of AB Bank SNORAS, which took place on 5th November 2009, it was decided by additional contributions to increase the authorized capital of the bank by more than LTL 88 million. After distributing the new emission of shares, the authorized capital of the bank will comprise LTL 500 million. | More
2009-11-06 Bank SNORAS will include LTL 72.5 million bond emission in the second level capital of the bank
The Bank of Lithuania permitted AB Bank SNORAS to include in the second level capital LTL 72.5 million (EUR 21 million) worth emission of termless debt securities distributed via non-public distribution on 31st August this year. In this way, Bank SNORAS will consolidate the bank’s capital base, while this bond emission will increase the bank’s capital adequacy indicator by approx. 1.4 per cent. | More
2009-11-04 During three quarters of this year AB Bank SNORAS was working profitably
According to the unaudited data for three quarters of 2009, AB Bank SNORAS earned LTL 4.1 million profit. Although the inter-banking market of the country since the beginning of the year fixed the asset decrease of the banks (- 4.6 per cent), the assets of AB Bank SNORAS grew up to LTL 5.9 billion and was by 4 per cent or LTL 249.3 million larger than at the beginning of 2009. The property of the bank’s shareholders within the nine months this year grew by LTL 4.1 million and comprised LTL 499.2 million. | More
2009-11-02 Bank SNORAS reduces the payment acceptance fees down to LTL 0.99
Since 31 October 2009, only LTL 0.99 fee for accepting payments will be applied to clients while making payments for various services (utility fees, communication services, etc.) in all subdivisions of Bank SNORAS. | More
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