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2009-09-28 Up to 50 per cent reduced tariffs are applied for the new corporate clients of Bank SNORAS in Lithuania
AB Bank SNORAS applies up to 50 per cent reduced bank’s tariffs for the new corporate clients of the bank residing in Lithuania for the accounts administration, local and international payments as well as the currency conversion margin. | More
2009-09-17 AB Bank SNORAS group acquired “Finasta” group
On 16 September 2009, AB Bank SNORAS group finished the transaction during which it purchased from AB “Invalda” with its own funds 100 per cent of the shares of AB „Finasta įmonių finansai”, managing AB Bank „Finasta”, as well as 100 per cent of the shares of the companies AB FMĮ „Finasta”, UAB „Invalda turto valdymas” and IPAS „Invalda Asset Management Latvia”. The value of the transaction is LTL 45.75 million (EUR 13.25 million). | More
2009-09-16 SNORAS Spyker Squadron team is second in the last Le Mans Series round of 2009 season
SNORAS Spyker Squadron team, sponsored by AB Bank SNORAS and representing the exclusive car manufacturer Spyker Cars N.V., started the last Le Mans Series race of 2009 season from the 9th position; however, in the course of the race the team managed to consistently improve the results and SNORAS Spyker Squadron competing in Spyker C8 Laviolette reached the finish in the second position, thus repeating the excellent result achieved at Nurburgring track two weeks ago. In Le Mans Series 2009 SNORAS Spyker Squadron won the 3rd place in the constructive record. | More
2009-09-08 AB Bank SNORAS is the first who suggests certificates of deposits in Lithuania
Since 7 September 2009 AB Bank SNORAS for residents and economy subjects begins to distribute a new savings product - certificates of deposits. Certificate of deposit until now was not suggested in Lithuania, though throughout the world it is a very popular product, the main advantage of which is the liquidity: you are able to sell it or its part to the bank before the redemption term without forfeiting the accrued interest. The certificate’s of deposit profit is known to its holder beforehand. The annual interest of certificate of deposit comprises 9.5 percent in Litas or 5 percent in Euro. | More
2009-09-03 The Bank of Lithuania allowed AB Bank SNORAS to acquire AB bank “Finasta“
During the meeting, which took place on 3 September 2009 the Bank of Lithuania approved the transaction, according to which AB Bank SNORAS will acquire 100 percent of the shares of AB “Finasta įmonių finansai” owning AB bank “Finasta”. | More
2009-09-02 „SNORAS Asset Management“ will establish renewable energy sources fund
Funds management company „SNORAS Asset Management“ will establish the first alternative investment fund in Lithuania - „SAM Renewable Energy Fund“, which funds will be directed towards the shares and bonds of the companies, developing the projects of production of renewable energy sources, as well as geothermal energy. | More
2009-09-01 AB Bank SNORAS increases the capital amounting to LTL 72.5 million
On 31 August 2009 in a non-public way AB Bank SNORAS issued the emission of perpetual debt securities included into the bank capital amounting to LTL 72.5 million (EUR 21 million). During the bonds placement the accrued funds after the permission of the Bank of Lithuania is received will be included into Tier II bank capital. | More
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