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2009-08-28 UAB “SNORO Media Investicijos” is allowed to redeem a new LTL 20 million share emission of “Lietuvos rytas”
On 27 August 2009, the Council of Competition permitted UAB “SNORO Media Investicijos” – the company of AB Bank SNORAS group – to redeem a new share emission of “Lietuvos rytas” company managing the media group. | More
2009-08-26 AB Bank SNORAS changes the interest rates of the time deposits
Since 31 August this year AB Bank SNORAS changes the interest rates of the time deposits in Litas, Euros, Great Britain pounds sterling and USA dollars. | More
2009-08-25 AB Bank SNORAS acquired LR Government bonds for EUR 20 million
On 25 August 2009, AB Bank SNORAS, during a non-public offering, purchased EUR 20 million (LTL 69 million) worth emission of LR Government bonds. The Government bonds were acquired via mediation of AB Bank “Finasta”. | More
2009-08-25 SNORAS Spyker Squadron in Nurburgring is second
SNORAS Spyker Squadron team sponsored by AB Bank SNORAS during the 4th round of Le Mans Series at Nurburgring track, in Germany, which took place this Sunday, came up with a sensation. Despite starting from the back of the grid, the regular drivers the Czech Jarek Janis and the Dutch Tom Coronel achieved the best season’s result – they took the second place on the winners’ podium. | More
2009-08-21 SNORAS Spyker Squadron in the 4th round of Le Mans Series will compete for the position in the top five
The team sponsored by AB Bank SNORAS and represented by Spyker Cars N.V. – the manufacturer of exclusive cars – this weekend will start in the 4th round of Le Mans Series at Nurburgring track, in Germany. | More
2009-08-13 High "Morningstar" evaluations for the UAB "SNORAS Asset Management"
The Global Rating Company "Morningstar", which has been evaluating investment objects for the last 25 years, presented the ratings of the investment funds managed in Lithuania. The highest ratings were provided for the investment funds, managed by UAB "SNORAS Asset Management". | More
2009-08-13 The deposit insurance law is extended for an unlimited term
Seeking to ensure a higher protection of the depositors’ interests and to enhance their trust toward financial institutions, all the legal and natural persons’ deposits up to 100 thousand Euros will be insured for the unlimited time. | More
2009-08-11 Concerning the "Diena Media Group"
Recently a number of publications appeared in the media about the negotiations conducted between the shareholders of AB Bank SNORAS and UAB "Diena Media Group" concerning the acquisition of UAB "Diena Media Group" shares. We inform that presently the negotiations on acquisition of the company shares or its published daily newspapers ("Vilniaus diena", "Kauno diena" and "Klaipėda") are not conducted; this question is only speculated on. | More
2009-08-10 AB Bank SNORAS distributes fixed interest bonds in Litas and Euros
Starting from 10 August up till 4 September AB Bank SNORAS distributes two one-year emissions of fixed interest bonds. Bank SNORAS will pay 10 per cent annual interest for the bonds purchased in Litas and 8 per cent – for purchased in Euros. | More
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