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2009-07-31 During the first six months of this year AB Bank SNORAS earned LTL 24 million profit
Within the first half of 2009, AB Bank SNORAS earned LTL 24 million of unaudited profit. The property of AB Bank SNORAS shareholders during the first six months increased almost by 5 per cent and on 30th June this year comprised LTL 519.1 million. At the end of the first half of this year, the assets of AB Bank SNORAS reached LTL 5.620 billion and were slightly less (-1.3 per cent) than at the beginning of the year. | More
2009-07-30 SNORAS Spyker Squadron team will start in the third Le Mans Series race
On 31st July – 1st August SNORAS Spyker Squadron team is participating in the third round of Le Mans Series championship at Algarve track, in Portugal. In 1000 km race, the major part of which will take place in the dark time of the day, SNORAS Spyker Squadron team in GT2 class will be competing in Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R car. | More
2009-07-29 The turnover in the accounts of the payment cards issued by Bank SNORAS grew by LTL 312 million within six months
During the first half of this year, in comparison to the corresponding period in 2008, the turnover in the accounts of the payment cards issued by Bank SNORAS increased by LTL 312 million or by 13 per cent. By 1 July this year, Bank SNORAS had issued almost 690 thousand payment cards; the turnover of the accounts linked to them exceeded LTL 2.7 billion within the first six months of 2009. | More
2009-07-24 AB Bank SNORAS acquired LR Government bonds for 20 million Euros
On 24 July this year AB Bank SNORAS, during non-public distribution, acquired EUR 20 million (LTL 69 million) worth emission of LR Government bonds. The Government bonds were purchased via mediation of AB bank "Finasta". | More
2009-07-24 AB Bank SNORAS registered the branch in Latvia
Bank SNORAS has registered the bank’s branch in the Latvian Register Centre. After establishing the branch in the capital of Latvia, Bank SNORAS, having the central office in Lithuania and the branch in Estonia, will be directly represented in all Baltic States. | More
2009-07-23 Securities Commission allowed AB Bank SNORAS to acquire the companies AB FMĮ „Finasta" and AB „Invalda turto valdymas"
During the meeting that took place on 23 July this year, Securities Commission (SC) approved of acquiring 100 per cent of shareholdings of the companies AB FMĮ „Finasta" and AB „Invalda turto valdymas". | More
2009-07-22 AB Bank SNORAS changes the time deposit interest rates
AB Bank SNORAS, taking into consideration the trends in the national and global markets, since 27 July this year changes the interest rates of the time deposits in Litas, Euros, British pounds sterling and USA dollars. | More
2009-07-21 Notification about the works on improving the bank's information system
We hereby inform you that due to the scheduled works performed for improving the bank's information system, the bank's website and e-banking system "Bankas internetu+" will not be operating on 24th July this year from 3:00 a.m. till 6:00 a.m.

 | More
2009-07-19 The team representing Bank SNORAS has won Omnitel 1000 km race two years in row
SNORAS Client Team, comprising professional car racers as well as clients of Bank SNORAS and representing Bank SNORAS in the prestigious Omnitel 1000 km circular car race, won the competition. The crew competing in the car, marked with the starting number 10, which was the first to cross the finish line, drove 334 laps of Palanga track in 9 hr and 20 min. | More
2009-07-17 SNORAS Client Team will start from 2nd and 4th positions in Omnitel 1000 km race
SNORAS Client Team, comprising Bank SNORAS clients and representing Bank SNORAS, today took 2nd and 4th positions in the qualification competition of Omnitel 1000 km race. Jonas Gelžinis, who piloted Ferrari F430 Challenge – the team car competing under the starting number 10 – covered 2994 meters track lap in 1:21.805 min. The crew marked with the starting number 20 drove the lap in 1:24.835 min. and it will start in the race from the 4th position. | More
2009-07-16 SNORAS Client Team representing Bank SNORAS will start in Omnitel 1000 km race
This year, in the largest and most prestigious circular car race in the Baltic States, Bank SNORAS will be represented by SNORAS Client Team, consisting of Bank SNORAS clients, which includes two crews that will compete in Ferrari F430 Challenge automobiles. Yesterday the team successfully went through the registration stage, and tomorrow, on the eve of the Saturday race, both teams will test their strength in the qualification race. | More
2009-07-15 UAB “SNORO Media Investicijos” will manage 34 per cent of the authorized capital of UAB “Lietuvos rytas”
UAB “SNORO Media Investicijos”, a subsidiary company of AB Bank SNORAS, accepted the proposition of UAB “Lietuvos rytas” – the largest mass media group in Lithuania – to acquire the company’s shares of a new emission which are planned to be issued. | More
2009-07-13 AB Bank SNORAS distributes two emissions of fixed interest bonds
On 13 July this year, AB Bank SNORAS starts distributing two one-year emissions of fixed interest bonds. Bank SNORAS will pay 10 per cent annual interest for these securities purchased in Litas and 8 per cent – for purchased in Euros. | More
2009-07-01 AB Bank SNORAS already accepts applications for preferential housing loans
People, who lay claim to the state sponsored housing loans, can already submit applications on receiving a credit under preferential conditions in Bank SNORAS. Recipients of soft loans, for whom the state will cover up to 20 per cent of the loan, may submit the applications in any subdivision of Bank SNORAS which owns the most expansive customer service network in Lithuania. | More

The payment cards insurance conditions change

We hereby inform you that starting from 01-08-2009 the payment cards funds and travel insurance as well as funds insurance conditions will change.

The payment cards issue and administration conditions change

We hereby inform you that on 31st July and 1st August 2009 the conditions of issuance and administration of payment cards will change.
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