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2009-06-30 For the first time in Lithuania two investment funds are merged
On 26 June 2009 Securities Commission (SC) approved the merge of investment funds controlled by UAB SNORAS Asset Management. | More
2009-06-29 Bank SNORAS expands the customer service subdivision network in Vilnius region
This summer Bank SNORAS, owning the largest customer service network in Vilnius region, will add 2 more mini-banks to the customer service subdivision network in Vilnius and Lentvaris. It will be the first mini-bank of the bank in Lentvaris. In June, for the convenience of clients, a larger subdivision of Bank SNORAS was opened in Eišiškės and a new mini-bank in Lazdynai micro-district, in Vilnius.  | More
2009-06-23 SNORAS Group company will become the largest shareholder of UAB "Lietuvos rytas"
On 22 of June this year, the board of the newly established company of AB Bank SNORAS - UAB „SNORO Media Investicijos" - made a decision to invest in the shares of UAB „Lietuvos rytas" and to acquire 34 per cent of the authorised capital of the company. | More
2009-06-18 The shares of AB Bank SNORAS are included in OMX Baltic 10 index
The registered ordinary shares of Bank SNORAS, which are listed in the official listing of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius stock exchange, are included in the trading index OMX Baltic 10 of the Baltic States securities markets. This index, whose new composition will come into force since 1 July 2009, comprises 10 companies’ shares, which are traded most actively in the Baltic stock exchanges. | More
2009-06-16 Bank SNORAS resumes its activity at the seaside resorts
Along with the beginning of the summer season, Bank SNORAS also resumes its activity at the most popular seaside resorts. Starting from 16th June, the seasonal mini-banks of Bank SNORAS open their doors to the clients in Palanga and Šventoji. The mini-Snoras’s situated on the main streets of the seaside resort will be operating longer than usual, while in Palanga Bank SNORAS will be the only bank to provide its services to clients on Sundays as well. | More
2009-06-15 AB Bank SNORAS distributes two fixed interest bond emissions
After on 11 June this year the Securities Commission (SC) approved the new base prospectus of AB Bank SNORAS LTL 300 million worth non-negotiable securities (bonds), on 15 June this year AB Bank SNORAS starts distributing two one-year fixed interest bond emissions. Bank SNORAS will pay 10 per cent annual interest if these securities are purchased in Litas, and 8 per cent – if purchased in Euros. | More
2009-06-15 SNORAS Spyker Squadron team was the fifth to finish Le Mans endurance race in GT2 class
This weekend during the most gruelling Le Mans endurance race in France SNORAS Spyker Squadron team took the high fifth place in GT2 class. In 24 Hours race SNORAS Spyker Squadron team competed in Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R car. | More
2009-06-15 The pension in the bank account is more profitable than the pension in the wallet
Since 15 June AB Bank SNORAS for pensioners and disabled people offers a new loyalty programme, which will create for its participants even better conditions to profitably save up and spend less, while using the everyday services of the bank. The bank clients, who receive the senility or disability pension into the personal account in Bank SNORAS, will be able to participate in the programme offering even five exclusive privileges. | More
2009-06-12 SNORAS Spyker Squadron team will start in the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race
On 11-14 June this year, SNORAS Spyker Squadron team is participating in the most gruelling Le Mans endurance race in France. In 24 Hours race, SNORAS Spyker Squadron team in GT2 class will compete in Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2R car. | More
2009-06-12 Three years in a row does AS “Latvijas Krājbanka” receive the Deutsche Bank AG award for the outstanding quality of the outgoing payments
AS “Latvijas Krājbanka”, managed by AB Bank SNORAS, was presented with the annual prize of Deutsche Bank AG, one of the largest European banks, for the excellent quality of the outgoing payments. “Latvijas Krājbanka” has been granted this award every year since 2007. | More
2009-06-11 AB Bank SNORAS business loan portfolio has increased by 74 million Litas
On 30th April this year, AB Bank SNORAS business loan portfolio, in comparison to 31st December 2008, i.e. during the first four months of this year, grew by 74 million Litas or 3.8 per cent, while the business loan portfolio of the most banks operating in Lithuania was decreasing. | More
2009-06-08 Bank SNORAS informs that annual interest rates of the saving programme LAIPTAI (STEPS) change
Bank SNORAS informs that starting from 8 July 2009 the annual interest rates of the saving programme LAIPTAI (STEPS) change. | More
2009-06-03 AB Bank SNORAS established UAB “SNORO Media investicijos”
On 2nd June this year, the Board of AB Bank SNORAS adopted a decision to establish UAB “SNORO Media investicijos”, which will be involved in making financial investments in the shares of other companies and performing management of these investments. | More
2009-06-02 AB Bank SNORAS became the main sponsor of World Lithuanian Sport Games
On 2 June this year, AB Bank SNORAS, owning the most expansive customer service network in the country, and Department of Physical Education and Sports signed an agreement according to which Bank SNORAS became the main sponsor of VIII World Lithuanian Sport Games. The games, which will be taking place in Vilnius on 25 – 28 June, will become another highlight of the Lithuania’s millennial anniversary and “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009” programme. | More
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