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2011-12-29 Reminder regarding making payments for loans instalments
Bankruptcy administrator of the bank SNORAS requests that clients make payments according to the established procedures which will help SNORAS to handle financial operations efficiently. | More
2011-12-29 The creditors of bank SNORAS can submit their claims till 20 January 2012
The Bankruptcy Administrator of the bank SNORAS issued an example claim form and is sending the notification letters which explains the creditors have to submit their claims to the bankruptcy administrator by 20 January 2012. | More
2011-12-28 Bank SNORAS resumes clients’ payments of instalments for loans
We hereby inform you that since December 28th, 2011 AB Bank SNORAS (hereinafter – the bank) resumes acceptance of instalments for loans. We request that clients now pay the instalments and other sums, which had to be paid according to the loan payment schedule from 16 November 2011 until 28 December, 2011 All subsequent loan instalments (i.e. Jan 2012) and other payable sums from 1 February 2012 must be paid by the clients under the order established in the agreement.
 | More
2011-12-27 Notice to creditors of Bank SNORAS
The Bankruptcy Administrator is currently working on a notification to creditors and a claim form which will detail how creditors can submit their claims. | More
2011-12-22 The Bank of Lithuania created the conditions for AB bankas SNORAS customers to comply with their obligations, late fees will not be calculated
The Bank of Lithuania and AB bankas SNORAS concluded an agreement, which permits this bank’s customers to perform their obligations to AB bankas SNORAS in the manner convenient to them. The late fees will not be calculated for the period when AB bankas SNORAS customers could not perform their obligations due to legal and technical obstacles. | More
2011-12-16 Statement from the Bankruptcy Administrator, Neil Cooper, regarding the meeting with Creditors' Association held 15 December 2011
We confirm that we met with members of the Creditors' Association, which represents numerous creditors. The meeting was constructive and we discussed the Bankruptcy Administrators‘ roles and duties as well as how we will work with the Creditors' Association and all other stakeholder groups to maximise returns for all creditors during the Bankruptcy process. | More
2011-12-15 Announcement
Announcement pursuant to Article 13 of Directive 2001/24/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the reorganisation and winding-up of credit institutions. | More
2011-12-15 To depositors, who have queries to the Deposit Insurance Fund concerning their insurance compensation
Depositors, who have queries to the Deposit Insurance Fund concerning their insurance compensation amount, should fill in the Depositor’s Request Form and submit it to the state company “Deposits and Investments Insurance” to the indicated address. | More
2011-12-09 Bank Snoras creditors’ claims will need to be submitted within one month
The appointment of the bankruptcy administrator is subject to a 10 day appeal period prior to the order taking final effect. In this initial 10 day period the bankruptcy administrator has control of AB SNORAS. | More
2011-12-09 Calculation of penalties and interest on all obligations of AB SNORAS, is terminate; Subsidiaries continue operate on their own
On and after 7 December 2011 (when the bankruptcy order came into force): the discharge of all financial obligations (not discharged prior to the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings), including payment of interest, penalties, taxes and other compulsory contributions and the recovery of debts from AB SNORAS through Court or without suit are prohibited (whether such obligations or debts are secured or unsecured); the discharge of financial obligations owed to AB SNORAS by way of set-off is prohibited. | More
2011-12-09 The temporary administrator transferred possession and control of AB SNORAS to the bankruptcy administrator
On 7 December 2011 the Vilnius District Court made an order initiating bankruptcy proceedings in respect of AB bankas SNORAS (“AB SNORAS”). The Court appointed Neil Hunter Cooper of Zolfo Cooper as administrator of AB SNORAS (in bankruptcy). He took over the authority of the bank from the temporary administrator Simon Freakley. | More
2011-12-08 Majority of bank SNORAs clients took their valuables from the safety deposit boxes
We are pleased to announce that having started the process of making contact with individual safety deposit box holders on November 30th as of the close of business on December 7th the contents of 337 of 391 safety deposit boxes across the SNORAS Bank branch network have been collected. | More
2011-12-08 The bank SNORAS reopens the call centre for clients
Starting today Snoras bank reopens its customer call centre with immediate effect. The call centre will be open from 8 am to 6pm Monday to Friday and can be reached by dialling 8 800 272 72 from Lithuania (free phone) and +370 5 239 22 39 from overseas. | More
2011-12-07 Internet banking system operates but with limited functionality
Presently Bank SNORAS internet banking operates with limited functionality.

Services being provided:

Accounts / Loans / Deposits
• You can view the account balances;
• You can form the account statements and order their sending to the indicated e-mail address.

Payment cards:
• You can view the payment cards’ information (the balance, reserved funds);
• You can form the payment cards’ statements.

Other services:
• You can view the valid currency rates of the Bank of Lithuania.
 | More
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