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2011-04-29 Bank SNORAS intends to grant soft housing loans
Bank SNORAS plans to provide soft housing loans for LTL 20 million to socially supportable families. The Ministry of Finance granted such limit to Bank SNORAS which participated in the publicly announced competition. | More
2011-04-26 AB bank SNORAS has distributed the entire emission of shares of LTL 380,083 million nominal value
AB Bank SNORAS has distributed the entire emission of shares of LTL 380,083 million nominal value and has attracted a new institutional investor through it. The demand for Bank SNORAS shares in the third distribution stage of the new shares exceeded the offer by 2 times. | More
2011-04-26 Bank SNORAS has distributed bonds for LTL 29.18 million
AB Bank SNORAS has successfully distributed the emission of one-year fixed interest bonds in litas and has attracted LTL 29.18 million for the activity expansion. Since 26 April the bank begins distributing the new bonds, their annual interest will also amount to 4 per cent. | More
2011-04-22 Bank SNORAS starts performing settlements with Chinese yuan
AB Bank SNORAS begins performing settlements with Chinese yuan and opens a correspondent account in Chinese yuan in the bank “Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.” registered in the People's Republic of China. | More
2011-04-19 A new website of Bank SNORAS Group is launched
Bank SNORAS Group, to which 37 companies belong at the moment, created its new website for investors and mass media. From now on information about the companies of the bank's group, their provided services, investment possibilities and the most important news will be stored in one place. | More
2011-04-15 Bank SNORAS has distributed 97.36 per cent of the new shares emission
Within two stages of the emission distribution, AB Bank SNORAS has distributed 97.36 per cent of the entire new shares emission whose nominal value is LTL 380,083 million. The third stage of the share distribution begins on April 18, and it will last three days. | More
2011-04-14 Bank SNORAS granted LTL 5 million loan to UAB “SG dujos” for investment projects
Bank SNORAS issued EUR 1.45 million (LTL 5 million) worth loan to UAB “SG dujos” – the company involved in production and sale of compressed natural gas. The funds are designated for implementing the investment projects of the company – installing compressor stations of compressed natural gas in Kaunas and Šiauliai.  | More
2011-04-13 Bank SNORAS increases the financed part of the purchasable housing up to 95 per cent
Bank SNORAS, while strengthening its positions in the housing loans market, raised the financed part of the obtainable housing up to 95 per cent. In addition, SNORAS has also reduced the housing loans interest rates in litas and euros, and presently they are calculated from 3.55 per cent. During this year the bank expects to double the volumes of the issuable housing loans. | More
2011-04-11 The tariffs and conditions of providing certain services are changed in Bank SNORAS
Since 3 May 2011, a new minimum term is established for time deposits to natural persons – 1 month. In addition, since 8 June the new tariffs of the order to transfer paid cash to the account of a legal or a natural person will come into force.

 | More
2011-04-06 Bank SNORAS will cooperate with “Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena” - the oldest bank in the world.
Bank SNORAS has begun cooperation with the oldest bank in the world and one of the largest registered banks in the Republic of Italy “Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena” S.p.A. The cooperation will also comprise executing settlements in euros, seeking to more effectively perform the clients' transfers and to help optimizing the bank customers' partnership with the Italian business partners. | More
2011-04-01 "Fitch Ratings“ has affirmed Bank SNORAS ratings
On 1 April 2011 Fitch Ratings has affirmed Bank SNORAS ratings, including its Long-term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of 'B+' with a Stable Outlook. | More
2011-04-01 Bank SNORAS shareholders confirmed 2010 financial accountability
On March 31, during AB Bank SNORAS general shareholders’ meeting, the financial accountability of the bank for the year 2010 was confirmed, the profit was distributed, and the new supervisory board of the bank was elected. | More
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