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2012-04-27 BAB Bankas SNORAS Bankruptcy Administrator confirms that all property assets of the Bank have been secured
The Bankruptcy Administrator and his team are pleased to confirm that they have secured all the property assets of BAB Bankas SNORAS. | More
2012-04-27 Election of Employee Representative to the BAB Bankas SNORAS Creditors’ Committee
The current and former employees of BAB Bankas SNORAS are currently in the process of electing an Employee Representative to the Creditors’ Committee. The role of the Employee Representative is to represent the employees on the Creditors’ Committee. | More
2012-04-26 LTL 256 million of repayments successfully collected from BAB Bankas SNORAS borrowers between 16 November 2011 and 13 April 2012
LTL 256 million of instalments successfully collected from BAB Bankas SNORAS borrowers between 16 November 2011 and 13 April 2012. | More
2012-04-25 BAB Bankas SNORAS Bankruptcy Administrator comments on today’s vandalism at the Bank’s headquarters
Neil Cooper, Bankruptcy Administrator of BAB Bankas SNORAS confirms that, as reported in the press, the headquarters of the Bank were last night vandalised by graffiti artists.

Commenting on the vandalism, Neil Cooper said:
“It is highly disappointing that such an act of vandalism has been committed against the Bank. Such criminal acts serve no purpose and are an unwelcome distraction from our hard work to secure the best possible outcome for creditors. Dealing with such acts of vandalism also results in unnecessary expense.”
 | More
2012-04-25 Bankruptcy Administrator comments on delay to creditors’ meeting
As has been reported, the Bankruptcy Administrator of BAB bank Snoras had proposed to hold the creditors' meeting on or before 30 April 2012, as recommended by the Vilnius Regional Court. However, it will not be possible for the creditors' meeting to be held by the end of April as previously hoped as over 300 individuals have been involved in appeals which have been submitted to the Court. | More
2012-04-16 BAB bank SNORAS (in Bankruptcy) – Business update
Since the decision taken by Vilnius Regional Court to place BAB bank SNORAS into bankruptcy on 7 December 2011, the Bankruptcy Administrator and his team of both local and international experts have worked hard to identify the optimum outcome for creditors and other stakeholders. | More
2012-04-06 Negotiations on disposal of the banking network, Finasta and SNORO Lizingas reach the final stage
In recent weeks the Bankruptcy Administrator and his team have worked with a large number of potential purchasers of Bank SNORAS’ retail banking network; SNORO Lizingas - one of the largest providers of consumer financial services in Lithuania ; and FINASTA, a successfully operating asset management and corporate banking group They have negotiated intensively and carefully examined more than 20 bids from potential investors.  | More
2012-04-04 SNORAS creditors now able to check the status of their creditor claims via SNORAS E-banking
Following an upadte to the SNORAS E-banking system, SNORAS clients and creditors can now check the court approved and unapproved sums of their creditor claims as well as view information about the lodging of claims.  | More
2012-04-02 Since today 14 subdivisions of Bank SNORAS will consult clients
By the decision of Bank SNORAS bankruptcy administrator, since today, 2 April, clients will be provided services from 14 subdivisions of Bank SNORAS, where the bank's clients will receive consulting on paying instalments according to loan agreements and on other issues related to loans. The total of 14 Bank SNORAS subdivisions are presently operating in Lithuania. Due to the diminished number of clients, the bank's subdivisions in Druskininkai, Kupiškis and Raseiniai will be closed since today.  | More
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